Computer Security Awareness Poster & Video Contest 2009

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Computer Security Awareness Poster & Video Contest 2009

Help build awareness of computer security problems and what to do about them. Submit posters and videos that explain computer security problems and specific actions college and university students can take to safeguard their computers or personal information. Ideas for topics include, but are not limited, to:
    * Botnets
    * Computer maintenance
    * Cybersafety tips: how to protect yourself online, including on social networking sites
    * Encrypting files/e-mails
    * Global cybercrime: includes identity theft, extortion, denial of service, and web defacement
    * Guidelines or suggestions for effective passwords
    * Physical security
    * Safeguarding data: confidentiality, privacy, and identity theft
    * Security of wireless/mobile devices
    * Security risks of P2P filesharing applications
    * Security updates, antivirus software, and firewalls
    * Spyware and phishing
Click here for more details on topics.

Open to
This contest is open internationally. Contest participants must currently be enrolled in and actively attending a college or university. An individual student or a group of students may submit a video and/or poster.

30 April 2009

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners in each of the four categories (posters, training videos, 30-second public service announcements, and combined poster and video entry).
    *  The gold winners will receive $1,000.
    * The silver winners will receive $800.
    * The bronze winners will receive $400.


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