1.1 Features/Characteristics of Management

List of Characteristics of Management :

1.           Art as Well as Science:

2.           Management is an activity:

3.           Management is a continuous activity:

4.           Management is achieving predefined objectives:

5.           Organized activity:

6.           Management is a factor of production:

7.           Management is a system of activity:

8.           Management is a discipline:

9.           Management is a purposeful activity:

10.        Management is a distinct activity:

11.        Management aims at maximum profit:

12.        Decision Making:

13.        Management is a profession:

14.        Universal application:

15.        Management is getting thing done:

16.        Management as a class or team:

17.        Management as a career:

18.        Direction and control:

19.        Dynamic:

20.        Management is needed at all level:

21.        Leadership quality:

1.      Management is not A Group of People, It is Group of Function

Management is not a group of people who are managing the work or a people at a high position but it is a group of function, which is done by this people.  It includes planning, staffing, directing, controlling, reporting, monitoring, and communication.

2.      Management is Universal

A management is universal. It can be apply anywhere. Any organization can be called, management, management at work, organization, at business, at club, at army, at charitable institution, religious institution or a government   office. Example: a successful manager of a soap factory would be equally successful as a manger of Soft Drink Company.

3.      Co-Ordination is the Soul of Management

There should be coordination between each and every employees of the organization. The various departments in the organization must work in harmony with one another. If there is a conflict between employees organization goal can be achieved.

4.      Management is Dynamic

Management cannot remain static. It changes with the situation. Management is always forward looking and pragmatic.  It changes with the change in environment. Management converts the environmental threats in to opportunities .it changes just as the needs, objectives and challenges of business change.

5.      Management is Essentially a Leadership Activity

Management is getting things done through people. Management activates manpower. A manager act as leader of the group and create environment for follower to follow them to attain organization objectives.

6.      Management is Decision Making

Generally all managers take decision. They take decision based upon some data and their analysis. Decision are the choice of management from of several alternatives for that they use several technical methods. Example: sales manager takes decision for sale, marketing manger for marketing.

7.      Management is Profession

Managerial ability is not inherent. It is not natural gift. Training can develop it. It it’s a body of knowledge, which can be mastered by anyone. Example: BBA, MBA institute for training, management is rapidly emerging as a profession. Example: Management-consulting services are available.

8.      Management is A Critical Element to Attain Organizations Objective

Management strives consciously to attain the common objectives of the business. In the absence of management the organization objectives and individual objectives will come in conflict with each other. So to attain organization goal there should be proper management.