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Here are a few of our members

Saumya Balsari

Born in India, she has a double Masters in English Literature and German Literature from the University of Bombay and has also studied at the University of Copenhagen.She has worked as a translator in India of German and French, as a teacher in Denmark and as a free-lance journalist and columnist in London. Her play, The Curry Club, later turned into her debut novel. A sequel, a young adult novel, short stories and a book of poems for children are planned, if nothing distracts her friom her purpose.


Karin Bane

Karin lives, works and plays in central Cambridge. She has spent a number of years working in Alumni and Development offices in the University of Cambridge and as a PA in a global high-tech company. She has a passion for languages, writing and modern authors and can often be found hanging around Borders or the Arts Picturehouse. She is now working on her first novel but also has a modest collection of short stories and a bouquet of poems.


Jan Bay-Petersen

Jan was born and raised in New Zealand. She came to Cambridge in 1970 to do her Ph.D. and then worked in Taiwan for over twenty years in an international agricultural centre. Together with colleagues from Asian countries she worked on improved technologies suitable for small-scale farmers with low incomes, work that was made available without charge to developing countries. Among other things, she edited the centre's newsletter and ran their website. She retired in 2004 and returned to Cambridge with her husband. She writes short stories and poetry.


Dr. Emily Bilman


Emily graduated in 1999 from Vermont College, USA, in Fine Art and Writing. She earned her PhD from the Department of Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. Her PhD was on literature and psychoanalysis. She now lives in Geneva and writes poetry in both English and French. She has read her poetry on BBC Radio Norfolk and had work published in both the USA and Geneva. Other work has been placed on a website for liberal Judaism. She is the Poetry Society's Geneva representative and is involved with a group for French poetry - see their website

Julia Bolden


Julia has a degree in Psychology and Dance, has worked in drama therapy, children's theatre, community arts, market research, mystery shopping, has taught drama and was Arts Editor of a Buckinghamshire newspaper for 6 years, reviewing one or two plays a week. She has lived in Cambridge since 2007 and does pharmaceutical market research. She has written since she could hold a pencil. Now, she revels in cut and paste technology, but still types with one finger. Many of her short plays, comedy sketches, children's shows have been performed, as has a pantomime. She also writes some articles and fiction. She is also a member of the Cambridge based drama writing group, WRiTEON.

Diana Brodie


Diana Brodie was born in New Zealand and came to England as the wife of the ship's doctor. They arrived in Hull on a Sunday night in the middle of a blizzard. She began to write poetry in 1997, taking a correspondence course to avoid having to read face to face poems that she believed were embarrassingly bad. She now attends workshops with great enthusiasm and has had her work published in magazines and online and anthologised in Entering the Tapestry. She has been placed in a number of competitions, including the Poetry Society. She is working towards a collection.


Huguette Chatterton  


Huguette was born in Algeria, but her family subsequently fled to Morocco to escape persecution by the fascist Vichy regime. She was a teacher in Morocco, Paris and Manchester. Subsequently she was a bilingual secretary at a pharmaceutical company and then PA to a Professor at Manchester University. 

She is devoted to French popular songs and gives an annual concert at the Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University. She writes memoirs of the vanished world of Jewish North Africa.

Jonathan Church

Jonathan was born in Dundee and has lived in Cambridge for 12 years. He has a degree in English from Middlesex University and has travelled to China, Australia and South America. He is currently working on his first novel: Bloco Supernova: The Adventures of a Cambridge Samba Band.

Helen Culnane

Helen is a Scot who has lived in a fenland village for 30 years and been a member of Cambridge Writers for 12 years. She has written three novels (and is working on a fourth) and several short stories and still hopes for publication, her best effort so far being to come runner up in national unpublished novel competition. She has worked most of her adult life with her husband, a construction industry consultant, but now spends more time painting, writing and walking her dog. She is currently Chair of Cambridge Writers.

Thure Etzold

Thure has lived in Cambridge since 1997. A self-trained computer scientist with a degree in biology, he has worked in various positions in science and the biotechnology industry before mustering his courage to become a full time writer. He is working hard on publishing his first novel and a new one is already in the making. His other interests include photography and alpinism.

Thure is curently the webmaster of Cambridge Writers. If you need changes done or have questions, please contact him at

Rik Gammack


Rik started his working life pulling pints for the local chapter of Hell's Angels, building steeplechase jumps at Cheltenham racecourse and failing miserably to sell insurance. Intending a career producing fantasy artwork for book covers, he then went to Art College and left with a First in Fine Art and an O-level in computer science. The O-level proved the more valuable and he has spent too many years working as a programmer. When not working he is easily distracted from writing by walking, drawing and photography (some of which can be found at He has had several short stories and one novel of erotica published, mostly under the pseudonym of Susan Tinoff, but hopes one day to produce something worth putting his own name to. Currently he is working on a fantasy novel involving circuses, hot air balloons and licentious burlesque. He is Treasurer and Membership Secretary of Cambridge Writers.


Harry Goode

 Seen here with Huguette.

Raised in Kent and Sussex, Harry has a Masters in Zoology from Oxford. He has worked as a Scientific Officer in the NHS, as a tutor-organiser for the Workers' Educational Association and as head of a trade union educational unit at a college of Further Education in Stoke-on-Trent.

He writes some poetry and is working on a set of tales about Greek and Roman philosophers.

Richard Gould

Richard works for an educational trust in Cambridge. Having written a variety of publications about the education of very able post-16 students, he was enticed to write a novel on an idea he thought was compelling. Publishers have yet to agree, so he is now busy writing a second novel with the encouragement of an agent. His 2009 New Year Resolution is to complete the book within a year, fitting in the writing with other obsessions, including film, music and tennis. 


Alan Hawkes

Now 61 and a Transport Manager with the National Blood Service. Alan was formerly the head-teacher of a primary school. After taking early retirement from education, he worked for an IT training company as a technical author and also for a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, operating their computerised ordering system.

He mainly writes poetry. He is currently working on a crime novel.

Anthony Haynes

Anthony writes non-fiction, mostly about authorship and publishing. His books include Writing Successful Textbooks, Writing Successful Academic Books and 100 Ideas for Teaching Writing. He is Creative Director of The Professional and Higher Partnership, see He occasionally opens the batting for Burrough Green 2nd XI.

Hannah Hooton

Hannah was born in the UK, but brought up in Zimbabwe, returning 20 years later when conditions became difficult in that country. She backpacked around Australia, working in racing stables. She now lives in Newmarket and works in Cambridge as a finance assistant. She describes herself as having an "unhealthy interest" in racing, studies form and is writing a romantic novel with a racing background. She is also a keen artist.


Yvonne Jerrold

Yvonne was born in Washington DC of French and Irish parents, educated in Dublin and Cambridge and was an architect before taking up writing. She finds writing the most absorbing activity in the world, but has had many periods when she has felt blocked and unable to write at all, an inhibition she ascribes to having internalised her grandmother's fear of writing things down during the Irish civil war.

She also paints and some of her paintings are about her difficulties with her writing. Her current preoccupation is the mismatch between her characters' inner lives and how they appear to others.

She has published two novels, Silent People: Hearing the Call of the Dodder (2006), about the gulf that exists between people with different world views, and A Case of Wild Justice? (2008) about old age, youthful criminality and stark choices. You can read extracts from her novels and short stories on

Liz Little

Born near Edinbugh, Liz spent part of her childhood in Morocco. She was a teacher for 33 years, working in many countries until ill health forced her to give up work. Her posts included working with head injured clients and teaching basic skills with the probation service. Although suffering from undiagnosed attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, she won a national essay award at the age of 14. She is now working on both an autobiography, which among other things deals with the problems that ADHD has given her, and on a science fiction novel.

Tim Love

Tim (seen here on Barcelona beach) has had poems in Rialto, Stand, Smith's Knoll, Oxford Poetry etc. His prose has recently been in Staple, Horizon Review and Short Fiction. He has a blog at

Leslie Ray

Leslie Ray is a free-lance writer and translator living in Cambridge. His work as a writer is mainly about the socio-economic situation in Argentina, particularly land rights and indigenous issues. He has had articles published in The Linguist and History Today. In 2007, his book on the Mapuche people, Language of the Land, was published by IWGIA. He is currently working on a book about history and folk music.

He has been a translator since the mid-eighties and has translated books from Spanish and Italian into English, mainly in the fields of art and architecture.

He occasionally writes and performs songs and poems.

Susan Sellers

After a nomadic childhood, Susan ran away to Paris. Renting a chambre de bonne, she worked as a barmaid and a tour-guide, bluffed her way as a translator of software instructions and co-wrote a film script with a Holywood screenwriter. She became closely involved with leading French feminist writers and translated Cixous. From Paris she travelled to Swaziland, teaching English to tribal grandmothers, and to Peru, where she worked for a women's aid agency. She has written books on myth, literary and feminist theory and women's fiction. She is Professor of English and Related Literature at the University of St Andrews and a general editor of the Cambridge edition of Virginia Woolf. She has published short stories and in 2002 won the Canongate Prize for New Writing. Her first novel, Vanessa and Virginia, appeared in 2007 and she is currently the holder of an Arts Coucil Award for her second. She lives near Cambridge with her husband, a composer, and their young son. Her website is at 

Will Tate

Will was born and raised in Norwich. He took a law degree at the University of Southampton, but the lure of horse racing proved stronger than the desire to be a rich lawyer. He has worked at Newmarket since 1985 apart from a year in New Zealand working with horses. He is now stud groom at Deerfield Farm, Dullingham, where he lives with his two children. He has been a member of Cambridge Writers since 1996 and has recently finished revising his first novel, Finding the Plot, a comic literary noir thriller. He also writes short stories and has twice been winner of Cambridge Writers' short story competitions. His other interests include horse racing, cycling, old movies, watching Cambridge United with his son and an appreciation of real ale and real pubs.

Rosy Thornton

Rosy Thornton is a Fellow of Emmanuel College and a lecturer in Law at the University of Cambridge. In this capacity she is author of numerous academic legal publications; her last such book was Property Disrepair and Dilapidations: A Guide to the Law - a gripping read!

In recent years, in a fling of mid-life irresponsibility, she has taken to writing humorous women's fiction. Her first novel, More Than Love Letters (2006), tells the story of a young woman who writes letters to her MP about issues large and small and ends up falling in love with him. Rosy's second novel, Hearts and Minds (2007), has a local flavour. It is set in al all-women's Cambridge College, St Radegund's, which breaks with tradition to appoint a man as Head of House, to the virulent opposition of some feminist dons.

Her third novel, Crossed Wires, was published in December 2008.


Jeane Underwood

Jeane comes from London and has been a social worker and a researcher. She gained an Open University degree in 1976 and a history degree from Anglia Ruskin in 2006. She has written a history of the Riverside pumping station that is now the site of the Technology Museum. She writes a weekly column on Chesterton for the Cambridge Evening News. She is Publicity officer for Cambridge Writers.



Jane Wilson-Howarth

Jane started travelling in the seventies when her mother hoped that a trip to the Himalayan region might cure her itchy feet. She started writing letters home that ever so slowly, over further trips and expeditions, evolved into more polished prose. So far all her writing has had a travel theme: she writes travel memoirs as well as books on travel health advice. She has a couple of pieces of exotic fiction in progress at the moment. Her faecal sense of humour and straight talking on the subject of emanations and excreta amuse many but proves too much for some, and there is one book title that few dare to utter. Details of her 5 published books and background can be found at


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