NLP, Modeling, and Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management and NLP Modelling. Four day course on Knowledge Management, NLP  Analytical modelling, NLP  Behavioural modelling, Knowledge Capture and skills transfer.

Using NLP modeling techniques for Knowledge Retrieval and Competence Transfer; a new presentation for creating Mentor and Coaching programs by eliciting competences from expert corporate exemplars, and transferring specific skill sets to appropriate learners. Oriented toward creating a corporate culture of the company as a learning system, modeling has been used for nearly 25 years to add demonstrable, verifiable results in business, education and therapy. Download pdf

Change Strategies for Integral Evolution: Two-day weekend workshop with Brian Van der Horst -- Paris, 2010. For Details,  please see:  
One day version  brochure,   Evolutionary Change Strategies.pdf

Beliefs, Values, & Integral NLP
BRISTOL, UK  12-13 MAY 2012

Integral NLP
A presentation for the first biennial Integral Theory Conference at JFK University in California; given on August 10th, 2008. pdf

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Strategies I

Strategies II  

Strategies III 

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