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Executive and Team Coaching provided for individuals and organizations

Brian Van der Horst is an executive coach, trainer and consultant who co-founded the NLP Institute for Advanced Studies in San Francisco.  After working with the Stanford Research Institute,  in 1984 he began to live in Paris, and founded the NLP institute, The Integral Perspectives Group, also founding a school of coaching around the idea of “Integral Vision” in 1996. 

  Specializing in NLP applications for business and intercultural communication, Van der Horst has taught at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California; The University of California in Sonoma; the University of Paris XIV, and XIII; and Apple University, France; and has given seminars in NLP and intercultural communication for MBA students at the Sorbonne, the  International Management Institute, in Paris, and at the Institut d'Administration des Enterprises in Aix-en-Provence.

He has designed and produced coaching programs with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Robert Dilts and Timothy Gallwey; and was Chief Facilitator for Europe with Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute.

Van der Horst has been listed as a coach, consultant and educator in Who’s Who in the World since 1994, and Who’s Who in America since 2007.
He has also given leadership, team-building, and long-term management training seminars in Moscow, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Indonesia; and in 10 European countries for more than a 100 multi-national companies including Apple France, HP, The European Investment Bank, Lufthansa, Michelin, Siemens, Sodexho, Castorama, Thomson and BMW.

The Integral Coaching  21-day Certification Course:  21 DAY INTEGRAL SEMINAR BV Version brochure.pdf 

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EXCLUSIVE! For the first time in France, Tim Gallwey, considered by most as the "father of coaching" will be giving a revolutionary seminar in France, "The Heart of Coaching," a one-day program on February 7, 2004; to be followed by a three-day seminar on the skills of coaching in April. jpg pdf

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"L’avenir du coaching et la vision intégrale  de Ken Wilber"
About Integral Coaching,  by BVdH here

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