How To Add A Third Grommet to Your Flag


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  I am currently in the process of building flag poles, 72" Chrome Steel. I have been ask several times to build the poles and I have built a few for the local customers. I now have them up on my web site.  I now also sell Flag Socks.These flag socks are BLUE in color. They have a sewn on square of velcro that is large enough for to attach a couple velcro backed patches of your choice. The flag bags are made to slip over a 3' X 5' flag that is still attached to the flag pole. There is then no reason to take the flag off and on. Just roll the flag around the pole and slip this cover over it. The bags are 41 1/2" long X 5 1/4" wide. They are plenty wide enough to slip easily down over the pole and flag.The cover is made very well from heavy duty canvas material. It is sewn with heavy duty canopy sewing machines. It is built to handle high speed road traveling. I have tested mine for several hundreds of miles with out any problems. These are not cheap polyester material bags, $28.00 each. Send money via PayPal to this email address , or via money order to; 

J & J Cycle Hitch Mounts LLC

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  Instructions and pictures to help explain how I added a third grommet to my  3' X 5' flags to use with my flag poles that have a third flag attaching point. The poles are removable .  I have been asked several times how to add these and I promised I would do a "tutorial”.  I feel that adding a grommet is rather simple to do, so here goes;

#1. Purchase yourself a 3' X 5' polyester/cotton American flag. The cheap ones are what I use. Last really well if you take care of them and cheap enough to replace once in a while ($10.00 - $18.00 each at Wall-Mart). I would recommend a Carrot Top and Annin brand flag, made in USA.

         Annin -                            Carrot Top -

#2.   I put an extra grommet at the center of my flags, so now it has three grommets. I purchased a grommet package for tarps that included the small tools. * Be very careful when putting these in. Use a light hammer force and quit when you have the grommet attached securely. Cut the material from the center of the grommet with a sharp utility razor. DO NOT do as I did and figure the grommet will cut the material center out as you hammer the grommet in place, WRONG. * Don't ask me how I know this.


#5.    Attach the flag to the eye bolts with the supplied carabiner quick links.                   
  #6.  Here is a link to explain proper Flag flying and care.

Warning ; Remember to remove your flag poles before pulling back into the garage. Most garage doors will be to low for even a 72" flag pole.

**I am in no way responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries resulting from using these instructional ideas to add a grommet to your flag, or any other assembly malfunctions. Be careful and ride safe.**

  I want to help all the organizational members.  I thank you for your decision to fly the American flag to honor others and our country.  


  I hope I have helped you here with this little explanation of how to add a grommet to the flag. Here is the link to the Motorcycle Flag Pole Mounts that I build. The best and safest way to attach the 3' X 5' flag. You can use these on all motorcycles, and also on other vehicles with a 2" receiver by purchasing the reducer/adapter from my web site. The flag poles remove very easily with just one small pin and re-attaches just as fast and easy. The flag mounts are guaranteed. Made right here in the Bluegrass State, KY - USA, by me, in my garage. Thank you, James.


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** Let us not forget the sacrifices made by the armed forces and their families to protect this great country we live in, freedom is not free. We'd like to thank our troops for their service and sacrifice.
  Let us also thank all those in our Fire Departments and Police Departments for putting their lives on the line to keep our home fronts safe and secure. **