The Community Pride committee will hopefully be completing three phases of improvements as donations are given. This project is not solely funded by the JCC School, but from our Communities. Money raised is from outside donors like yourself or everyday businesses and factories that we shop and work at. 
    The JCC High School is giving their full support and working with us to reach our goals! We now have completed all five steps in phase one of the curb side appeal since the 2013 football season. Improvements are contagious. Look around, we have a new main street in Lakefield, softball field updates, new trails, and a beautiful firehouse. If others what to develop a plan in other areas and implement, please contact a committe member. Please consider being part of the pride! 

PHASE ONE (5 Steps)

1.  Move the location of the current entrance to the other side of the shed. This would become our Main Entrance! Adding brick pillars with an iron rod arch that says: HUSKIES! Bid: $6,000.00

(Goal Accomplished)

2.    Pour stamped concrete around the entrance towards the parking lot from the corner of the shed in a curved angle to the other corner of the fence as an entrance with shrubs and benches. Bid: $10,000.00  (Goal Accomplished) 

3.    Paint the current building with:HOME OF THE HUSKIES on the North side of shed. Paint Husky logo on West side and paint: Husky Pride! on the South side for a brick/paver wall for our sponsors. Bid: $1,500 . The HUSKY PRIDE was moved to the East side of the building, along with state appearances. (Goal Accomplished)

(Drawings and painting of logo/lettering by Blaise Jacobsen)

Volunteers painted the shed!

4.    Add a concrete gathering section off the concession stand with tables, benches, planters, shrubs, and lights for tailgating! Bid: $ 33,000.00 (Goal Accomplished)

5.    Add a sidewalk from the gathering area to the home bleachers with landscaping. Bid: $6,000.00 
(Goal Accomplished)

End of Phase One. 
Changes in steps and estimates may vary!

Special Thanks!!!!
"Work in Kind" and reduced bids were already given by: Tim Daberkow Construction, Hansen Concrete Co., Dave & Laura Stubbe of Flower Market for landscaping, Blaise Jacobsen for Husky logo/painting, Svoboda Excavating for gravel, Ace Hardware for paint, Hitchdoc/B&H for Huskies arch sign/gate, Heartland Image and Center Sports for incentive gifts, Sunshine Foods for tailgating, and Livewire Printing Company and Business Today for advertising.
Total Cost for Phase One: $57,000.00+


1. Add a new scoreboard: HOME OF THE HUSKIES! This step was originally in Phase Three. We moved this up to get our sponsors recognized and scoreboard up! Any family or business will have their name/logo on a billboard. As of now there will be 8 spots/billboards on the scoreboard. Whoever donates $10,000.00+ and wants a spot, will be given a spot.
Bid: $ 65,000.00+ (Goal Accomplished)

2. This step changed its location on the field. It was suggested to use the existing West Side Hill near the new main entrance, behind the home bleachers to build on the slope the letters HUSKIES in white rock. This will save on money verses building up on the South end of the field. So, the dirt piles we saved to use, will be removed sooner or later. Bid: $10,000.00+ (working on finalizing the labor for this bid)

3. Replace the Away/Visitor bleachers and wait to upgrade the press box until Phase #3 unless funds are available. Bid: $35,00.00 (working on finalizing bid) Update July 2015: The goal of the visitor press box is being accomplished, but not with Community Pride funds. Strong winds that destroyed the old one required a new press box, paid by JCC school. 

End of Phase Two! 
Changes in steps and estimates may vary.

Total Cost for Phase Two: $110,000.00+



1. Upgrade the actual playing field with new goal posts with Husky Pads around the poles and possible underground water for the playing field. Bid: $ 20,000.00+ . This step was done by the school (AD-Eric Tvinnereim) for the sake of safety.

(Goal Accomplished)

2. Add sidewalks that connect from the concession stand gathering area to the visitor bleachers and bathrooms on the North and South ends. Plus add a concrete pad under the student body/cheerleading section and a sidewalk along the backside of the home bleachers. Bid: $35,000.00

3. Upgrade the Visitor Press Box and paint the current buildings/facilities to match in Husky Colors of the entrance shed with logos. Bid: $24,000.00. Update July 2015: The goal of the visitor press box is being accomplished, but not with Community Pride funds. Strong winds that destroyed the old one required a new press box, paid by JCC school. 



4. Add a ticket booth to the front gate entrance or possibly save the money and keep using a ticket table to set up and take down. Either way this final step brings the project back to where it all started. Improving the main entrance! This has already been built and donated earlier than expected. Thanks to Glenn Palmer! Check out project updates for more details and photos. 
(Goal Accomplished)

End of Phase Three! Changes in steps and estimates may vary.

Total Cost for Phase Three: $79,000.00+

Inside updates such as locker rooms, concession stand, press box or additional ideas for the field could be considered if funds are available after Phases 1,2,3, are completed!


*Click on the link at top: Be part of the pride: Donate!


All sponsors will be acknowledged and thank-you incentives given. All donations are tax deduction! :)


Community Pride Sponsorship Form

Swearingen Field Project

GOOGLE SEARCH: www.bepartofthepride.com







We support this Community Pride Project by:

Donating financially the amount of:  


Donating physical labor or something “other” by doing the following:


Supporters who fill out this form will be recognized in the following ways. If you want to remain a private supporter, please check here________and accept our gratitude of thanks! 

Website & School Board Announcements: All supporters once a month!

Husky Pride T-shirt: $50+ 

Two Stadium Seats with Husky Pride Logo: $150.00 +

(Goal Accomplished)
Deadline for Husky Pride Wall is over and installed. There will be more incentives to gift in the future. We will continue with the T-shirts and Stadium Seats levels. Plus, adding personalized picnic tables and engraved rocks to those whom donate.

*4x4 personalized tile w/name for Husky Pride Wall: $250.00+ 

*8x8 personalized tile w/name for Husky Pride Wall: $500.00+

*12x12 personalized tile w/name for Husky Pride Wall: $1,000+

                *Colors of the tiles may vary when ordering, sizes will remain the same.                                                                             


$5,000.00+ Donors will be given all levels of incentive gifts and largest tile!!! 

*$10.000.00 + Name on scoreboard or customized choice of options for advertising/recognition & ALL GIFTS!!! The scoreboard is complete!!! Changing, this level of sponsorship to name a location on the field (visitor press box) or engrave a large tailgating rock with your name on it!




Please mail, drop off and make checks payable to: 

JCC High School

Attention/Memo: Community Pride/Swearingen Field Project

P.O Box #119, Jackson, MN 56143


                    The form will be mailed back as a receipt for your taxes. 

                You will be contacted if you are eligible for incentive gifts. 

            Thank-you for supporting a Community Project: Husky Pride. Be Part.


 *Click on the link at top: Be part of the pride: Donate!
All sponsors will be acknowledged and thank-you incentives gifts given. All donations are a tax deduction! 

*Forms are also located at local businesses and at the High School Office!














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