Our services

Individual sessions
  • We  conduct individual sessions which are 45 to 60 minutes in length.
  • At the initial visit we discuss a client's current goals, assess their movement and function, and establish what we can offer.
  • During the Feldenkrais sessions, the client wears loose, comfortable clothing and participates in gentle movements, generally lying on a low couch.
  • Karol also provides more standard physiotherapy exercise sessions with neurological clients when this is required. 

Group sessions

  • Lisa conducts weekly group classes at the Brighton Recreation Centre. Up to 12 people attend these classes, which provide a useful way for clients to continue to work on improving their movement and functioning.

Home Visits
  • Karol works with some clients at home. Here we see a client and his wife exploring some movements, with Karol guiding them.

A client with his wife exploring some movements, with Karol guiding.


  • One-day workshops provide an opportunity to explore a particular area in more depth than is possible in a weekly class. Lisa runs several workshops each year in Brighton. Topics have included ‘Walking for Fun and Fitness’, ‘Dynamic Sitting for Work and Play’,’ Comfortable neck and Shoulders’.
  • Please contact her directly to ask about upcoming workshops or to suggest a topic that interests you.