About us

Lisa Campbell and Karol Connors are experienced in helping people improve their ability to function in their everyday lives.
They are both Registered Physiotherapists and Certified Feldenkrais practitioners.

Lisa enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities. Her clients range from young children with developmental issues to older people struggling to maintain their independence at home, as well as musicians, athletes, students, office workers, artists – people from all walks of life.

Sessions may involve helping someone to find a comfortable position to sleep in, to be able to get out of bed, to walk comfortably and to drive. Or they may involve more complex activities such as playing golf, practising yoga, working at a computer, performing as a musician, running a marathon, or playing on the floor with children or grandchildren. All of the activities that allow us to live our lives can be more comfortable, efficient and satisfying than the ways we habitually perform them.

 Lisa has a particular interest in helping people with pain. Her experience in this area includes several years working at the Caulfield Pain Management and Research Centre and several years as the Pain Project Officer for the Australian Feldenkrais Guild.

 Lisa is also on the teaching staff of the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in Melbourne.


Karol has extensive experience working with people with neurological problems such as a stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury or Multiple Sclerosis. She enjoys working with people to help them live their lives as fully as possible. Some clients want to improve their balance when walking, others want to  improve the use of their hands or for others just getting into standing is a major goal. Whatever the issue, Karol brings a gentle curiosity and a genuine passion to find ways to improve the client's function.

She worked as a Senior Physiotherapist in Neurological Rehabilitation for several years and is currently the Physiotherapy Manager at a small Melbourne hospital, as well as working with individual clients at Bayside Feldenkrais.

Karol has also completed a Masters of Physiotherapy by Research at the University of Melbourne, investigating the Feldenkrais Method and balance.