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ArtFX is an innovative team of IT experts and Artists that bring new technologies, new ways of marketing, new graphics, new ideas to the market of Cyprus and Greece, and as of 2007 to also the market of Ireland.

Whether you need a website built, or sell your products on the web, a shopping cart, or your marketing campaign created, or 3d graphics, ArtFX is the right company for you. With competitive prices and new efficient ways of reaching your aim. We are unlike the rest. We bring new ways of doing things to the market of Cyprus, Greece and Ireland.

Websites Designed and Hosted by ArtFX:

GemGolf GeniusCaddy
Nicosia Dental Clinic / Polyclinic
Egeas Edesma, Nicosia, Cyprus
Mercedes Benz Cyprus
Askisis Sports Equipment Suppliers
Melios Pet Park, Nicosia, Cyprus
Danos Law Firm, Nicosia, Cyprus
Pallaris Trading, Cyprus
Scuba Gaskets - Online Shop: Scuba O-Rings
Astronomy Site
Astronomy Photos
George Patsalosavvis Ltd, Contractors & Developers
Asmation, Live Music Hall, Cyprus

Websites Hosted by ArtFX:

Moka Services
Saint Elisabeth Golf Cyprus
Yiannos Anastassiou
Kaleidoscopio Design
Oria Petropoullou
Thalia Sarri
Sofe Idea (a.k.a. European Entrepreneurship Institute)
European Entrepreneurship Institute

The ArtFX Group:

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ArtFX Greece
ArtFX Cyprus
ArtFX Production House
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ArtFX Webdesign
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ArtFX Architectural Perspectives
ArtFX Rendering Services Ireland

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