Around the Home and Garden  
Kristin Dunn gives advice on lawn care and gardening, as well as tips for around the home.

Kristin Dunn shares some of the knowledge she has picked up from running her own lawn and landscaping company, as well her rehab and rental properties company.

We developed this site to help homeowners weigh their options when it comes to work around the home or garden. Also to assist in finding reputable contractors in their area when they decide that the current task is more then they can handle, or just don't have time for.  Check out the links page to see if  we have any contractors listed in your area. We also share some of our favorite recipes, as well as many other topics.


If You have any Questions or topic's you would like covered please feel free to e-mail us at    and we will be glad to answer it if we can, or add the topic to our site. Thank You for visiting and comeback soon. We hope to add at least three topics a week. 

We Hope You Enjoy Our Site!!


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