LOGAN's Software Downloads

Applications by Jan Albartus


PAD-Publisher (Download)
A tool to help you publish your PAD-Files to many websites.

RSS-Feeder (Download)
A compact desctop version of this RSS feed reader.

Jump'n'Run (PREVIEW) (Download)
A small preview of a platform game developed using Flash and ScreenWeaver.

MOTAS 3D (DEMO) (Download)
Small tech demo of MOTAS 3D.

Mystery Of The Magical Color Slider (Download)
Small logic game as seen in MOTAS.

Bouncing Ball ScreenSaver (Download)
A ball moves over the desktop.

Blender Quickstart Pack (DEMO) (Download)
Small demonstration for having Blender bundeled with additional software.

Skinno Setup (DEMO) (Download)
Small demonstration of a Flash skinnable Inno Setup.