Mr.Sabbithi Vinay has been selected to Tunza International Youth Conference on Environment which is going to be held at korea from 20-08-2009 to23-08-2009

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Mr.Sabbithi Vinay  has been selected to Tunza  International Youth Conference  on Environment which is going to be held at korea from 20-08-2009 to23-08-2009.


Mr.vinay sabbithi the elder son of S.Arthur Vedanayakam and Swarnalatha residents of kalipatnam (w)Village,Mogaltur mandal has been selected to the prestigious Tunza  International Youth Conference  on Environment which is going to be held at korea from 20-08-2009 to23-08-2009 for representing our country INDIA in such a conference.

The Conference is being organized by UNEP and hosted by the UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea. It is expected to bring youth from over 100 countries to learn about and voice their concerns for the environment.

The main theme of the conference is Climate Change: Our Challenge. It will focus on key environmental issues such as climate change, youth and green jobs, disaster and conflicts and their impact on the environment, sustainable lifestyle and offer plenary sessions (with presentations from selected youth), workshops and field trips to the participants.

On 20th August, the conference will hold The Global Townhall meeting which will bring together 1000 conference children and youth as well as virtual participants from 20 cities around the world connected via webcasting.


Selection Criteria: Mr.Vinay stated that the selection process is a very long and strict process.the following norms should be possessed by the applicant to get his/her candidature to be successful for judging.they are Age of the participant should be below 22 years, he/she should be an active member of the NGO which is registered under government act and  working for the safe environment,the candidate should also provide two references of other organizations and its members so that the organizers can contact them in finding the validation of environmental activities that are carried by candidate’s nominated organization.

In addition to this requirements the candidate should take part in environmental activities which showed impact on the society on environmental concerns and also should publish some of the environmental innovative ideas and his contacts with countries environmental agencies and UNEP, the candidate should also provide the testimonials and certificates to support his/her work.

Mr.Vinay did various activities in the past towards saving environment.(for details see other attached file) ,Vinay completed his B.E from S.R.K.R.Engineering College ,Bhimavaram in Electrical & Electronics Engineering stream in the month of may-2009.


Vinay’s Response on selecting to this Conference: vinay said that he is very happy and proud in getting such a great chance in representing our country at unitednations. he is also happy that he is selected an nominated through his  NGO –AECAS(association for environment conservation advocacy and solutions).Mr.Vinay is the secretary and founder of this organization.

He also told that he is preparing some exhibits and thesis in saving the environment to present them at the event. he is confident that his participation will bring good reputation to our country.

Vinay said that his parents S.Arthur Vedanayakam and Swarnalatha encouraged him and had given financial support though they were not rich .in this context vinay appealed for sponsors, foundations ,corporates and other NGO’s to come forward in supporting him financially to cover expenses  in reaching and presenting our countries pride at Korea.

He can be contacted at: Mob:9441170438




Address:S.Vinay,S/o S,Arthur , 4-123, MAIN ROAD KALIPATNAM (W), MOGALTUR MANDAL, W.G.DT, A.P, INDIA-534281

Parents Response: Vinay’s parents felt very happy and excited for their son’s victory they also told that their son is quite different from  youth of his age he always work and think on new projects and works which will be useful for public.they also expressed their appeal for helping hands.

Villagers and finer men of kalipatnam village  felt very happy and appreciated vinay for such a victory.

             Mr.Vinay Sabbithi