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Hai to Everyone from the name itself  one can  understand the aims and objectives of the organization.

                AECAS is a non profit organization aiming to educate public towards conserving our environment which is very essential for life on earth. nowadays people  are looking for their own needs no one is caring about environment, our green world is being polluted only for the sake of human selfish activities.

                             In this scenario we planned to raise awareness and educate people on saving our Environment.

 Aecas was started by by an undergraduate student S.VINAY , who is now the secretary of this organization, he did various activities in the past towards conserving environment, he also received many appreciation letters from United  Nations Environment Program, Nairobi and Paris, Ozone Cell India etc;

Apart of this environmental activities  we also work on rural Education , awareness against superstitions and potential scams,counselling,  suggesstions for job seekers and many more............................