1. Go to office.com/setup For office setup website.

    2. Sign In or Create a new Microsoft Account.

    3. Enter Office Setup Product Key, Select Country, and Language.

    4. Select and click Install to Download Office Setup.

    5. Run Office Installation.

    6. Follow on-screen Instructions, Finish Installation.

    7. Open Apps, Accept License to Complete Setup.

How to setup office, office.com/setup

  1. Type office.com/setup or www.office.com/setup in Browser URL bar or Search bar.

  2. Use your Microsoft Account email and password to Sign In.

  3. New to Office? You can Create a new Account.

  4. Enter your Office Product key.

  5. Find your Office subscription/product.

  6. Click Install >. It’s an orange button below your subscription’s name.

  7. Click Install again. Your Office setup file will begin downloading.

  8. Double-click the Office setup file.

  9. Click Yes when prompted.

  10. Wait for Microsoft Office to finish installing.

  11. Click Close when prompted. Open apps, Office is Ready.

office.com/setup – Setup and Install Office – www.office.com/setup

www.office.com/setup or office.com/setup is a webpage that is designed under the office.com domain and is required after the purchase of Microsoft Office. office.com/setup webpage has important functionality of letting Microsoft Office users/customers to Activate their product and then further download and set it up on their PC/MAC. The sole purpose the whole webpage is letting people sign in or create account to further assist with the Office Setup Process.

How do I download Microsoft Office with a product key?

If you have a Product key, you will need to redeem it to download Office.

    1. Go to office.com/setup or Microsoft365.com/setup.

    2. Sign In to your Associated Office Account or Create a New One.

    3. Enter your Office Product Key.

    4. Select your Office Product, Click Install.

    5. Click Install Again, Office Setup download will begin.

How can I install Microsoft Office for free?

Microsoft Office has a 30 Day trial plan and an online free version. You can use Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel on your Browser.

You can download the Office Apps to use for free on your Smartphone and Tablet devices. Microsoft Office also has free access to Students and teachers.

How do I download Microsoft Office setup?

    1. Go to office.com/setup webpage.

    2. Sign In to your Account.

    3. On your Account Page, Select Office.

    4. Click Install to Download Office Setup.

    5. Depending on your Browser, Save and Run the setup File.

Install Office

Installing Office is an easy affair, Once you have acquired the Office Setup file from www.office.com/setup, you can easily Run the Installation file and Setup Office on your PC/Mac. The process is easy and Simple. All you need is to run the Office Installation file and rest will be taken care of, by the automatic installer that comes with Microsoft Office. The process needs no expert help and can be done with few clicks.

How do I find my product key for office?

If you have Purchased office from Microsoft Store

    1. Go to microsoft.com and Sign In to your Account.

    2. In your Account, click on your Name, In the drop down menu, Select Order History.

    3. Select your recently purchased Office and click Install Office to View your Product key.

If you have a Office Product Card, The product key will be under the barcode. If you have used Microsoft Home Use Program to buy Office, Install Office and go to account to enter your Product key.