Intro to Concerned Residents

Please note: The management company is Triquest Management at (713) 780-2449, effective 4/1/16.

Welcome to Concerned Homeowners of Westwood Village Townhomes website! This 305-townhome community is a mid-sized, well-established subdivision located in the southwest of Houston, Texas and the zip code is 77036.

The Westwood Village Homeowners Association was formed by the community's developer to preserve the curb appeal and property values of the homes, as well as the beauty of the common areas in the neighborhood.

This website was created by concerned residents to facilitate communication and information sharing. It is a collection of our thoughts and knowledge on how Westwood Village Townhomes is running. Resources included State of Texas legislature sites; Texas Property Code and Texas Business Code; the new HOA laws took effect in 2011-2012; email exchanges with the property manager at High Sierra Management; past “Board” meeting minutes and members annual meeting handouts, HOA documents and Texas Secretary of State online resource, etc.

These have been major issues concerning current situations:
  1. Meet the "Board" - see how Carl became a "Board" member
  2. Board Election - What is the process on elections?
  3. Problems communicating with High Sierra Management and the "Board".
  4. Lack of communications from the "Board". 
  5. Should the annual meeting of the Members conducted by the Members, the "Board" or the management company?
  6. Where did our reserves go?
  7. Why can't the members vote on major improvements, such as privatization Kendalia or pricey security service?
  8. Does the "Board" follow the State Laws and our governing docs
    • The Association filed Non-profit Periodic Report late as required by the Secretary of State.
    • It took High Sierra Management Company over 10 month to file management certificate required by the State Law.
    • Again in 2016, management certificate was filed 8 months after Triquest Management Company took over.
Drawing: Happy Day at Westwood Village Townhomes

        This website is not the website for Westwood Village Townhomes or for High Sierra Management. This website does not represent the views of any Board Member, the HOA Board nor High Sierra Management.

        This website is a representation of our opinions and the opinions of others that have decided to contribute to this website. It is designed to disseminate information on general information and about problems and issues that may arise at Westwood Village Townhomes. We hope by collecting all the information on one website it will help facilitate communication among the Members and the "Board".

"Does the community see the need for change?"

"If the community is not interested, then nothing will happen."

Westwood Village Townhomes