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Winter Quarter Meetings and Events

posted Jan 8, 2011, 10:30 PM by Cory Tarilton
Welcome back everyone! I hope you all enjoyed winter break and got to see family and good friends.

This quarter we're going to be having club meetings every Wednesday night at 7p.m.
Our first meeting was this Wednesday but a miss communication led to no newsletter being sent out. We will be on top of that for all future meetings. The good news is that almost everyone who came had a chance to win some of our free gear and stickers! We're very thankful for those of you who came and hope to see you at the future meetings.
T-shirt orders will be finally getting done. We were originally looking to have Norwest Graphics print our shirts but ran into a problem with the AS. They wanted us to go through them at first and if they could not fulfill our needs we are able to go through an outside printer. They could not fulfill our order as we wanted them done and after lengthy phone conversations we concluded that they could not get us what we wanted. We have now got an order for shirts paid for through another company and they should be printed by the end of next week and hopefully here in bellingham by the meeting on the 26th. We ordered more shirts with a little extra funds from the club so if you still want to get one of our awesome shirts. We will alert everyone when they are in so you should definitely come to the meeting when they arrive!
We will be hosting a free waxing night next wednesday in the Viking Union MPR at 7p.m. Bring your skis and board and we'll provide the irons and wax. If you have your own tuning gear why not bring it to share? Don't know how to wax and tune your gear? We'll show you how its done and teach you so you can do it on your own. We'll have 5-8 irons and atleast 1 tuning kit but the more the marrier. With all the rain thats coming down everyone could use a fresh coating of wax.
We announced the Baker Blueprints photo contest at the meeting which will be running every month of the season. Take a photo of you somewhere at Baker and send it in to the club for a chance at winning some free headphones and other schwagg.
Later in the month and into February we will be hosting free movie screenings. The first movie we will screen is from our friends just north of the border in Whistler. The company is called Dendrite Studios and their film is Out of the Shadows. A very fitting name for a first year movie from a new company. We will likely play it the last week of January or the first week of February. We are working on getting permission from other film companies such as Teton Gravity Research, Matchstick productions, Level1, Poorboyz and Warren Miller. This first screening will gauge the interest of Dendrite Studios hosting a premiere with us next fall so make sure to show up!