-What Do We Do?
-How Do I join?
-When Do We Meet?
-Where Do We Meet?
-Does It Cost Anything?
-Where Can I Find Club Updates?
-Where Can I Find A Ride?
-How Does The Club Discussion Board On Facebook Work?
-What Happens Over Breaks?
-How Much Does Baker Cost and Why Should I Go There?
-What Does La Nina Mean For The Pacific Northwest?
-Where Will The Club Take Trips To?
-What Is The Monthly Club Photo Contest?
-How Can I Support The Club?

What Do We Do?
The Snowboard and Ski Club is a way for Western students to get together and find like minded skiers and riders to go to the mountains with. Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned shredder, there's a spot for you. We help people get in contact to form carpools.

How Do I Join?
Joining the club is as easy as showing up to one of our weekly meetings. If you wish to be added to the club newsletter, sign up sheets will be passed around at meetings to collect some contact information. Club newsletters will detail what is going on with the club, what is going to happen at the next meeting, what events are happening around town, College Weekend trips to Mt. Baker and other ski areas, and where to find great deals on goods that support the club.

When Do We Meet?
We have regularly scheduled meetings every Tuesday night that school is in session at 7p.m. We also have additional events that will be posted on the club website as well as the facebook page.

Where Do We Meet?
We meet at the Academic Instructional Center West for regular meetings and at the Viking Union MPR for free monthly ski wax clinics. Other locations for movie nights and other events that the club is involved with will be posted on this site and on the Facebook page.

Where Can I Find Club Updates?
Updates are made regularly on our website as well as our facebook page. Please see the News & Announcements page for our club updates, join our facebook group to receive club updates, and or join our e-newsletter mailing list.

Does It Cost Anything?
The club has no member dues. We sell T-shirts to support club activities like movie nights, hot cocoa nights, and waxing clinics. Show your support by purchasing one today! Check out our Events page for more information about wax nights and other club sponsored events happening around town.

Where Can I Find A Ride?
Come to a meeting and meet people to carpool with! Also check our Discussion Board on facebook Carpooling is one of the easiest, cheapest and best ways to get to the mountain. Noone wants to drive alone to the mountain, and having other people help pay for gas is a great incentive. It usually costs $10 to $20 for a round trip to Baker with a car full of gear and people, so splitting the gas really helps. Plus you make great friends and meet new people that you otherwise wouldn't. There is also the Baker Bus run by the mountain and the Surfrider Foundation. It's a $10 roundtrip from bellingham. The Baker Bus runs both days on the weeekend. The Outdoor Center at Western also sponsors a Charter bus 4 times a year. More information about this can be found in person at the Outdoor Center.

How Does The Club Discussion Board On Facebook Work?
Don't forget to visit our discussion board - where people can post a topic if they are looking for a ride/have a ride and are looking for people to fill their car.

1. Go to our Facebook Group's Discussion Board
2. Click "Start New Topic"
3. Post "Need Ride" or "Need # people" as the topic depending on your carpool needs
4. Provide details in the "Post" section. Ie: What mountain you want to go to, time you want to leave, how much gear you have/how much gear you can fit, where you need a ride from/where you are coming from, etc.
5. Click "Post new topic" to have your topic posted.

Please check the discussion board regularly to see who is trying to carpool. You will be notified on facebook when somebody replies to your topic. Have a great season and see you guys at BAKER!

What Happens Over Breaks?
There are no organized club meetings over breaks, but many of the members will be around town. Keep in touch with people you've met because more often than not, they will be down to shred. There may be events happening around town so make sure to keep up to date on our calendar.

How Much Does Baker Cost and Why Should I Go There?
Mt. Baker Ski Area has nations lowest daily ticket prices. A midweek ticket costs $43.00 and a weekend ticket costs $49.50. Early Season Pass rates are at $610 for a student and $670.00 mid season with fall quarter verifcation of tuition paid for 12 or more credits. The Heather Meadows Telemetry Station holds the world record for snowfall during the 1998-1999 winter. A total of 1140 inches fell during the season. The next fall, the ski area was able to open with 90 inches still on the ground from the last year. They also have the highest average snowfall of any resort in the world, at 647 inches.

What Does La Nina Mean For The Pacific Northwest?
Our winter weather is brought about by a number of different factors. The most influential of these factors is the temperature of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of western South America. In a historical context, the fishermen who made their livelyhood off seasonal gatherings of fish had terms to describe the fishing conditions. When large pools of warm surface water gathered along the coast, the fishing was easy because they did not have to be far from shore to have good fishing. When the surface water was cold, the fish looked for other areas to gather causing the fishermen to travel farther from shore to gather fish. They referred to the warm conditions as 'el nino' in reference to baby jesus and the joy that he brought. The colder conditions were reffered as 'la nina', a much nicer way to a derogatory term for women. This affects us in the PNW because of the weather patterns it produces. When cold water has pooled off the west coast of South America, it pushes the warm water into malaysia. Convection occurs more readily in warm water, so large quantities of clouds form and travel across the the pacific. This enhanced convection, coupled with a stationary high pressure block near the Aleutian Islands in Alaska creates an Omega shaped jet stream that takes water laden moist air, sweeps it up into the arctic then it rushes down the coast. Wherever the toe of this Omega shaped jetstream pattern ends up is where the cold moist storms roll in. For more information on the ENSO weather pattern and forecast, check out the NOAA ENSO advisory bulletin.

Where Will The Club Take Trips To?
Last year the club took a trip to Whistler in early April. This year we hope to take a trip there for a weekend in springtime. We might organize a trip for College Weekend in Whistler this year as well as our own college weekend at Mt. Baker.

What Is The Monthly Club Photo Contest?
The photo contest is new this year, and will allow people to share their favorite moments from the winter with the club. Whether you're and aspring photgrapher trying to get your name out or just want to share some photos of you and you're friends hitting the Sesh Up in spring, share your photos with the group and help others live vicariously through you. Photo submission details will be added shortly.

How Can I Support The Club?
Show up! Make friends! Go Ride! Buy Shirts! This club is for you and everyone else. Support it however you can. We wouldn't be here without all of you and we won't if you don't show up. WWUSSC has some sick shirts designed by one of our members. Our shirts are selling quick, so get yours soon! You can either pay in cash at a club meeting or pay online through wepay.com. Visit our T-Shirts page for shirt photos and details.