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Why Psychology?

"Most of the major issues facing the people of the world today--hunger, overpopulation, the continuing threat of war, prejudice, pollution, drug addiction--are people problems; people have created them, and it will be people who must and will find solutions to them. Psychology, as the scientific study of mind and behavior, will help provide the answers to many of these pressing problems. 

Psychology's attempt to understand the human condition takes many approaches. Some psychologists study brain chemistry and its relation to behavior, while others study the behavior of individuals in groups. Still others are engaged in providing counseling or psychotherapy to people who are mentally ill or who are having difficulty in coping with the demands of life. With a faculty of over 30 women and men, all of whom hold a doctoral degree, the department offers a program of study which provides a solid foundation in the general concepts and methods of psychology, as well as courses and programs for students in many of the more specialized areas."

-WWU Psychology Department

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