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1/30 Blogging as Therapy for Teenagers is an interesting new concept that has been explored in a recent study read more @

1/13 - Anyone interested in cognition may be interested in a new research finding that the New York Times has reviewed in an article titled Nicotine Patch Helps Against Cognitive Impairment in Study By NICHOLAS BAKALAR

1/9 - For anyone interested in Developmental Psychology, The New York Times has recently released and article titled; Nutrition: 4 Vitamins That Strengthen Older Brains By NICHOLAS BAKALAR.

11/28 - the New York times has recently released an article by Benedict Carey titled,
"Drugs Used for Psychotics Go to Youths in Foster Care" If you are at all interested in psychiatric pharmaceuticals this will be interesting for you. Read more @

11/15 - Maia Szalavitz has released a new article titled “Bystander Psychology: Why Some Witnesses to Crime Do Nothing” in association with the recent events at Penn State University.  Read more:

11/13 - The Times magazine has just released a new article titled “Picking Up Brain Activity and Conciousness in Vegetative Patients” by Meredith Melnick. This was based on a study done at the University of Ontario Canada and is quite interesting. Read more:

Read up on the APA's consideration to remove Aspergers from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, an op-ed article from the NY Times titled The Short Life of a Diagnosis.

Check out an article from Wired about the pseudo-science surrounding vaccinations and autism, An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All.

Youth 4 R.E.A.L, a Shuksan Middle School mentoring opportunity, is looking for dedicated students to volunteer from 3PM to 5:15PM on Thursdays. Contact Elaine Mehary at to sign up! Click here for more info.

Find Psychology-related films to watch! Browse this site to get ideas and make suggestions for club movie nights.

Read up on this great Psychology-related article from Wired magazine, titled Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers are Desparate to Know Why.

Enjoy an article written by our own AS Review about PsychFest 2009!  

Upcoming Events

WWU Psych Club is hosting our annual Grad Panel on November 15th at 5pm in the Communications Facility (CF) Room 120*

*CORRECTED DATE/TIME: We apologize for the typo earlier that said that Grad Panel would be November 16th at 7pm, the correct date/time is stated above.

Past Events   (Check out pictures from past events here.)
*Connecting Minds Undergraduate Research Conference, June 2010
*PsychFest, June 2010
*May Member of the Month Award presented to Sean McKamey, June 2010
*End of the Year BBQ at Boulevard Park, June 2010
*Faculty Showcase, Dr. Alex Czopp, May 2010
*Club Retreat "Bring Your Game Face to the AIC!", May 2010
*Faculty Showcase, Dr. Kate McLean, May 2010
*Relay for Life Team Freudian Sprints, May 2010
*Back 2 Bellingham Psychology Department Reception, May 2010
*NOWCAM Conference, May 2010
*April Member of the Month Award presented to Carlie Norris, May 2010
*2010-2011 Officer Election, April 2010
*2010-2011 Officer Candidate Nominations, April 2010
*Club Member Birthday Ice Cream Social at Mallards, April 2010
*Western Preview Campus Fair, April 2010
*Winter Quarter Party, March 2010
*March Member of the Month Award presented to Michelle Terry, March 2010
*Body Empowerment Week Eating Disorder Workshop, March 2010
*February Member of the Month Award presented to Maria Hernandez, March 2010
*Faculty Showcase, Dr. James Graham, March 2010
*Options for Psychology Students Panel & Mini Info Fair, February 2010
*Club Member Birthday Ice Cream Social at Boomer's Drive-In, February 2010
*Mental Health Counseling Grad Student Showcase, February 2010
* SPSP Research and Experience Presentations, February 2010
*January Member of the Month Award presented to Grace Hatt, February 2010
*Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference, January 2010
*Majors Fair, January 2010
*Campus Activities Showcase, January 2010
*Club Member Birthday Ice Cream Social at Red Berry, January 2010
*Faculty Showcase, Dr. Max Lewis, January 2010
*November Member of the Month Award presented to Alicia Gleason, Dec. 2009
*Holiday Party, December 2009
*Club Member Birthday Ice Cream Social at Sirenas, November 2009
*Graduate School Panel, November 2009
*SPSP Conference Fundraising Bake Sale, November 2009
*October Member of the Month Award presented to Andrea Bunten, October 2009
*Faculty Showcase, Dr. Ethan Remmel, October 2009
*Make A Difference Day club volunteering, October 2009
*Western Fall Welcome, October 2009
*Club Member Birthday Ice Cream Social at Mallards, October 2009
*Mental Illness/Health Awareness Week, October 2009
*Psychology Department Faculty Meeting Presentation, September 2009
*Red Square Info Fair, September 2009

Previous Years...
*End of the Year BBQ, June 2009
*Dr. Joseph Trimble "A Quest for Discovering Ethnocultural Themes in Psychology",  Feb. 2009
*PsychFest, June 2008 
*Connecting Minds Conference, May 2008
*Bowling Extravaganza, February 2008
*Ice Skating, January 2008
*Graduate School Forum, November 2007
*PsychFest, June 2007