Watchung Winter Ultras - January 8

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ARQ RC (who puts on these runs) will be partnering with United Way of Morris County.  I urge each of you to bring a donation to the race on January 8, 2011.  A representative from United Way will be on hand.  This is not mandatory,  this is just a way for the running community to look out for others.  This organization helps out many local families and your support will be greatly appreciated.
If we all do our part we can make a generous donation.  Thank you.

The next Watchung Run will take place on Saturday January 8, 2011 for the 3rd annual Winter Ultra.

Join us on January 8th, 2011 for a run through beautiful Watchung Reservation in north-central NJ.  These low-key, minimal-support, informal trail runs will  provide an excellent opportunity to test
your mid-winter training.
  • Two options: trail marathon or trail 50K. 
  • Both distances follow the same course - Sierra Trail a 10 mile loop (+/- a few ft.  your gps may vary)
  • Marathoners (2 loops) for the first 20 miles then complete a 6.2 mile loop
  • 50K runners will complete 3 loops of the Sierra Trail for an estimated 30 - 31+ miles.
  • Single-wide and double wide trail over rolling wooded terrain.
When: 8:00 am on January 8th, 2011.
Where:  Start  and Finish at the Trailside Nature and Science Center parking lot  map

Entry fee:  $20 - I know this has been a Fat Ass style run in the past but due to increased awareness by the park and authorities there are now significant costs to putting on this event.  In order to cover the costs of the permits, insurance there is a nominal cost of $20 per runner.  This is also in hopes to limit the number of people that sign up taking a spot from some one else and then never show up to run.  Any runner that has volunteered for me in any race can ask to have this fee waived.

Limit: Parking spots for about 100 cars.  If possible try to car pool.

Automatic Registration will open around Halloween. 

Please consider trying to bring something for the Aid Station table or a volunteer to help out.

To volunteer you can also send an email to Rick - NJ Trail Series.  Hours volunteered can be used in your service requirement for other ultras.

Notes from practice loops (from 2010): The ground was very icy from the cold weather we have had lately.  The western half is hillier and has more single track, the eastern part is flatter with wider paths and almost all bridle paths.  The horse stables are on the eastern half of the reservation so this makes perfect sense.

The Watchung Winter Ultra 50K will do three complete loops of the Sierra Trail for a total of 30 - 31 miles (YMMV, based on your gps).  This is a slight change from 2009 where there was a one mile loop added on at the beginning. 

The Watchung Winter Marathon will do two loops of the Sierra Trail (10 miles) then do the western portion of the trail again.  The marathoners on their way east on the northerly portion of the trail will cut across the water at the bridge, pick up the blue trail, then connect with the straight part of orange and run straight up to the parking area.

2010 Results posted here.