Welcome to Markus Naumanns Farm

The Naumann Adventure Farm is situated in the little village of Liebersee, part of the district of Belgern in Saxony. It is very near the river Elbe and within easy reach of the riverside bike path between the picturesque towns of Meissen and Wittenberg. Other near towns are Riesa and Torgau (approx. 15 to 20 km away). By train you can get to Riesa, Oschatz or Torgau and then catch a bus to Liebersee. We will be happy to collect you from the train station if need be. The rural three-side farm is inhabited by Markus Naumann and his three children. Behind the farmyard is an extensive orchard with mature fruit trees, extensive grassland and a vegetable garden. Adjacent is a field which is cultivated using horses and ancient equipment as well as old-fashioned cultivation techniques. Apart from the farmer's family, inhabitants include three work-horses and other small animals. The farm can be rented for parties and excursions and also offers horse riding and carriage rides. The Naumann Adventure Farm is a non-commercial meeting-place for the local youth. Young people aged between 10 and 25 meet here on a regular basis to spend their leisure time together, to party or just to be among themselves. As recompense they help out and work together in the garden and stable. The Adventure Farm offers its visitors recreation and a haven of freedom in idyllic rural surroundings. The Naumanns hope to familiarise people with ancient agricultural techniques and heirloom crafts that otherwise would pass into oblivion. Visitors are taught that life can go on without an excess of technology. Here animals, people and plants co-habit in a balanced environment. We invite the young and the young at heart to learn together how to live a simple life, to live in close communion with nature and not dependent. We accept WWOOF participants for short stays of up to a week or by arrangement longer stays. The farmhouse has a bedroom for up to 3 people and a single bedroom. It is also possible to camp in the barn or in a tent. Guests have use of the Naumanns' kitchen and bathroom. We can cater for vegetarians with fruit and vegetables from our own farm garden.