Nylon Compressions LLC Presents A Packing Class

FAA Senior Parachute Rigger, Rob Wilsey plans to teach a PARACHUTE PACKING CLASS!

Packing Classes Are
By Appointment

Class begins with a
using your SIM for reference.


Four hours, no distractions. Starts at 08:00 o'clock am. sharp. Commit to learn. Students will do a review of the main parachute and how to use the pro pack technique to safely organize the components together for general skydiving use. This is "hands on" learning. Be ready to work.

Email Rob at: riggerrob@verizon.net

Punch Line: Packing Class

Info I need: Name, Phone # and/or email, Number of jumps and/or Student Status Level.

Hours: 08:00 am to 1:00 pm at the hanger.

Cash donation of $100.00 accepted. CASH ONLY!

Packing Class Schedule

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There will be other classes forming soon...

Where the heck is the hanger?

11339 Bloomsbury Road
Orange, VA 22960

GPS: May not be exact...
 38°14'52.51"N,  78° 3'1.42"W