Frank B. Hawkins


This site includes writings from a war diary kept by Frank B. Hawkins while he was flying B-25s in WWII to Africa and while in Africa until he was shot down in February 23, 1943.
He was in the 12th Air Force 310th Bomb Group, 381st Bomb Squadron  His B-25C was named "Green Eyes" - Tail Number 41-13102. His diary starts October 9, 1942 in Presque, Main and ends February 22, 1943 in North Africa.
After being shot down in his B-25 in the Mediterranean he was captured and made a POW.  He escaped prison camp and rejoined the Allies in December 1943.

 Frank B. Hawkins was born May 16th, 1918 in Columbus, Ohio, died October 9th, 1991 in Oklahoma City.  He is buried in the military cemetery at Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.  There is also a marker in Altus, Oklahoma.
The first entry in this daily diary is October 9, 1942 and ends when he was shot down in a B-25 on February 23, 1943.  After being shot down he was captured, made a POW, and subsequently escaped.  There are additional writing about his time in prison camp; however, those have not been transcribed as of this date.
This site is maintained by his son - Jim Hawkins.  I am interested in hearing from others who may have been associated with him. A list of people cited in the diary is available on this site.  I can be contacted at
Updated: March 2010