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20 Year Reunion on Saturday, November 24, 2007 (Thanksgiving weekend)

From: Reunion Committee
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2007
To: Class of 1987

Many classmates put a lot of work into organizing the reunion but special thanks go to Mich Miller for organizing the Friday Happy Hour, Mike Hugill and Judy Miller for organizing the Saturday alumni event, Lieven DeGeyndt for finding a DJ on very short notice and Rob Lange for organizing the Sunday family event.  Karin Easton and James Mendelsohn also deserve special thanks for their involvement throughout the entire planning process. 

Here's a short summary of the rest of the update with more detail below. 

1) Attendance
2) Reunion Pictures
3) Survey
4) Wiki
5) Updated class list
6) Class list by state
7) Missing emails

Finally, thanks to all of you who attended the events and made them as successful as they were.  Kenji Kaneko, who lives in Japan, and Aaron Smith, who lives in Russia, likely get the prize for traveling the farthest to attend.  For everyone else, hope to see you next time!

1987 Whitman Reunion Committee
20 Year Reunion Committee


1) Attendance: Based on who we checked in, we had close to 150 alumni show up Saturday night.  We had about 100 people (around 70 alums plus guests) show up Friday night and over 40 people (alums, spouses and kids) on Sunday.

2) Reunion Pictures: Mike Hugill will be collecting and posting pics but you can also check some out on our website (thanks Lela and Stuart!).



3) Survey: We'd like to ask people to take a short survey (only 7 questions).  Please complete the survey by December 5th if you can.

(link was sent to everyone on email distro)


4) Wiki:  A wiki is a collaborative web page set up to be private (meaning others outside of our class cannot read it without the password).  This was suggested as a good way for people to add their own info to share.  Thanks to Mariana Almeida for setting it up.

Password: (Was sent to everyone on email distro)

5) Updated class list:  (Was sent to everyone on email distro)

6) Class list by state: We have added a class list by state to the website so you can see which classmates live near you.

Class List (by state)


7) Missing emails: Below is a list of emails we are still missing (175 classmates).  Please let us know if you have any of these emails so we can contact them for the next reunion.  If you don't have their email, any other information you have would be helpful (who may have their email, where they are living, where there parents live, married name, etc).

Class List (We need these emails)