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About WWFM

WWFM – World Wide Flash Mobs – A fun and friendly way to promote geocaching around the world.
Thousands of geocachers at dozens of coordinated events spanning the globe, gathering at the same time.

Sonny and Sandy of the PodCacher podcast came up with the WWFM idea in 2007 after attending a mega-event. It was meant to be a fun “opposite” of a mega-event: all the cool aspects of a geocaching event, crammed into 15 minutes of excitement. An added dimension is represented by the letters "WW" - World Wide - these events occur across the planet on the same day at (mostly) the same time! These caching events are intended to bring geocachers together in a creative way, as well as introduce others (newbies) to the hobby.

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Watch some elaborate Flash Mobs on YouTube.

Basic Requirements:

Hold the event on the official, announced day, preferably at the official time
The event should last only 15 minutes (but you can always gather informally afterwards for geocaching!)
Take a group picture
Collect the number of people attended for statistical purposes
Be creative and Have fun!