Investor Information

This is a true, inspiring story of courage, loyalty and friendship.  

The story has action, pathos and a hint of a love story in it.   A genuine feel-good movie.

We have of a number of fantastic actors and  outstanding Directors offered who have multiple awards and and nominations as well as excellent reviews for their previous work.

It's fully scripted, with the director, technicians, locations, studio and equipment all on course to make this a very memorable feature film.

The film has a £10.4million budget in order to get the production completed, with shares being offered at £1.00 each subject to a minimum of 1,000 shares.

Investors get access to pre-production meetings and both location and set filming, as well as the Gala Premiere and party - and you can even appear in the film - as well as other 'goodies', and a great investment opportunity.  

Backed by an experienced team of producers, scriptwriters, creative and administrative executives we have potentially a very, very successful film.

WWL is an attractive investment because:

a) The film will be guaranteed to be made
and to have a cinema release.

b) The story is incredible. That it is not yet a major part of WW2 history is unbelievable.

c) The cast and director will be of high quality with multiple awards and
nominations between them.

The cast and crew will be experienced in film production

Wartime Wanderers Limited is
pre-approved under the Enterprise
Investment scheme.

Wartime Wanderers Limited is also pre-approved by the British Film Institute for the 25% UK Film Tax Credit on qualifying expenditure.

This is a ready-to-go project !

For further information please contact David Evans at