Provisional - again, subject to Director's approval


   Jason White Stunt Designer & Co-ordinator
   Alan Senior     Special Effects Supervisor
   Julian Nagel Production Designer
   Marcus Wookey Senior Art Director
   Bernado Nascimento
 Bob Komar
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
   Patrick Fleming Second Unit/Documentary Director
   Alastair Reed Editor
   Tony Campbell  CGI
   Michael Wakelam  CGI
   Paul Boyce  Chief Hair & Mark-Up Artist
  Eduardo Barreto
   Beverley Keogh  Casting
   Heather Chapman  Casting
   Hayden Purcell  Sound Recording Assistant
   Claire Ramtuhul  Production Assistant
   Sarah Stewart
 Production Assistant
   Malcolm Cook  Football Technical Consultant
   Andrew Nicholson    
 Finance Manager
   Shaun Tillery    
 Financial Controller
  Jonathan Catton Military Advisor
  Keith Brigstock
 Military Advisor
  Mike Peacock
 Military Advisor
  Paul Turner
  Enrico Marconi
 Composer, Ochestration and Conductor
  Tahir Gulkaya
 Catering Manager

Services & Equipment

   Cameras & Lighting TBA
   Tracking, Jibs, etc
Sola Productions Ltd
   Catering    TG Catering Ltd
   Props The Garrison
Opus Props Ltd
Trading Post Ltd
Anthem CGI
  Post-Production    Creativity Media
  Accounting Services
ST Strategic Accounting
  Bennett & Co.
  StudioEaling Studios
  Editing Studio
Sola Productions Ltd
  StuntsJason White Stunts
  PR & Promotion
The Black Arts Company
  Stills Photography
Alan Madson Ltd
  SolicitorsTollers LLP
  BankBarclays Bank