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Points Plus - Calculating Daily & Activity Points

Calculating Daily Points Target

A most awesome friend's husband wrote a little script and you can now calculate your daily points target using this web page.

The minimum daily points target is 29, and you get 49 Weekly Points, plus Activity Points. However, recent changes to the Points Plus plan allows one to lower their daily points to 26 if they are not satisfied with the weight loss they have at 29 points. Therefore, the new lower limit is the 26-29 points range.

In maintenance, add 6 points to your Daily Points target. If you are breastfeeding full time, add 14 points to your Daily Points target. If you are breasfeeding part time, add 7 points. If you are doing Simply Filling Technique, you get  90 Weekly Points.

Activity Points calculated by calories burned: 80 calories burned = 1 AP (though I have seen some places suggest 70 calories burned = 1 AP, including the Wiki site).

Here is a good page with a chart that is based on how hard you are breathing and your sweat.

If you're a math geek and really interested:

You would need to know your TEE (Total Energy Expenditure). To find your TEE, use the following calculations.  
Weight is in kg and height is in m (1 kg = 2.2 lbs and 1 inch = 0.0254 m).

TEEmale = 864 - (9.72 x age) + 1.12 x (14.2 x weight + 503 x height)
TEEfemale = 387 - (7.31 x age) + 1.14 (10.9 x weight + 660.7 x height)

However, WW adjusts this to account for the free fruit and vegetables:

ATEE = 0.9 x TEE + 200

More info to come on this...the formula is giving me a headache! A very mathematically gifted friend has explained it thusly:

1. Compare ATEE-1000 and 1000, take the larger number.
2. Compare your number from step 1 to 2500, take the smaller.
3. Divide by 35 and round.

For Targetmod:

1. Compare ATEE-1000 and 1000 and take the larger number.
2. Divide by 25 and round. (the nearest whole I assume?)
3. Subtract 11 (I don't know why it says -7-4 unless that's a typo)
4. Compare that number to 29 and take the larger.
5. Compare that number to 71 and take the smaller.

That's your Targetmod.