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Points Plus - Calculating Food Points

Calculating Food Points:

PointsPlus Complete A-Z Food List - This is a document containing scans of pages 8-76 in the Complete Food Companion. In it, you will find PointsPlus values for most generic food items. You should also download the corrections that Weight Watchers provided after the books were printed. I put the PDF version Google Docs, but I wouldn't view it online - it's kind of blurry, so when it loads, go to File, then Download Original. 

Points Plus Calculator (for figuring points for food)

PointsPlus = max {round (protein/10.9375) + (carbs/9.2105) + (fat/3.8889) - (fiber/12.5) ], 0}


PointsPlus = max {round (16/175 x protein grams) + (19/175 x carb grams) + (9/35 x fat grams) - (2/25 x fiber grams) ], 0}

Here is a fabulous estimation summary from suzyQlou:

To estimate, you can also do this:

First add the carbs and protein together and divide by 10. (If carbs+protein is 20, you'll get 2 points)

Then account for the fat.  If the item has 2 grams of fat, add a point.   Add a point for every 4 grams of fat after that. (1 gram is free.  2-5 is 1P+, 6-9 is 2P+, 10-13 is 3P+)

Fiber is such a small part of the calculation.  If you happen to be eating something with 12 grams of fiber, you can subtract one point.

In reality, you only get 9 carbs for a point, but you can have 11 grams of protein.  For estimations, I've found that they even out pretty nicely to 10 grams of either.  It makes the calculation easy, and is still pretty accurate.  You also get 4 free carbs or 5 free grams of protein, so rounding doesn't really cause you to underestimate for most foods.

Another estimation technique:

Round up calories, remove the last 0 and divide by 4, then round up or down to nearest point for the appoximate PP values. Not sure why but it does seem to work on most things.

alternatively - Dropping the last digit and dividing by 4 is the same as dividing by 40; but dividing by 35 will get you much closer to reality


[(3.6*protein gram)+ (3.8*(total carb grams-fiber grams)+(9*fat grams) + fiber grams (just use the number)]/35 = points. 

Now, protein& carbs are both 4 cal/gram, so you can see that part of this is "almost" exactly the same as the formula for total calories in an item, which would be: 
(4*protein grams) + 4*(total carb grams-fiber grams) + 9*fat grams 

WW does a "weighting" favoring protein over carbs in their formula, but it really doesn't make a big difference unless a food is nearly all carbs and low protein. 

You can thus see that their formula is almost exactly total calories/35.