Wei Wu

Email: ww9210 [AT] gmail [DOT] com 

Blog:    ww9210.cn

Github: ww9210

I am currently a Research Scientist at Pennsylvania State University, under supervision of Dr. Xinyu Xing.
I am a forth year PhD candidate at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences(UCAS), my advisor is Prof. Wei Zou. 
I received Bachelor degree from Department of Information Security, University of Science and Technology of China(USTC), 2010-2014.

I started participating various CTF competitions since 2015 and here is my blog about CTF games and research experience. I play with CTF team Never Stop Exploiting(NeSE), a top Chinese CTF team. 

Research Interests:

Vulnerability Analysis and Exploit

Binary Analysis & Reverse engineering

Part of the CTFs I played:

1st place, TCTF RisingStar 2018
6th place, QWB 2018
3rd place, RCTF 2017
4th place, Codebreaker 2017
4th place, NJCTF 2017
6th place, 0CTF 2017
6th place, CISCN CTF final 2016
2nd place, CISCN CTF quals 2016
10th place, TCTF 2017
13th place, 34C3 CTF 2017
17th place, HITCON CTF 2017
20th place, DEFCON quals 2017
21st place, Plaid CTF 2017
1st place XCTF team in AliCTF 2016.
1st place in ISCC2016

CVEs I found:

Integer underflow in libbpg, CVE-2017-8906
Heap overflow in  libbpg, CVE-2017-8909


National Cyber Security Award 2016.
National Scholarship for graduate student 2015.


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  2. Wei Wu, Wei Huo, Wei Zou. "Survey on Attacking and Defending Technologies of Dynamic Code Generation". Journal of Cyber Security, 2016.
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