Scandinavia's Militaries During World War Two


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Within the United States, the wars in the Northern nations of Europe are largely overshadowed by the events that happened in the Western front of the war. This is largely because there is very little written on the subject matter in English; further more it is highly complex. 

Norway was knocked out early in the war but kept up a stiff resistance for five years, as well as help prevent the Germans from discovering the secrets  of atomic weaponry. Denmark was also knocked out without much of a fight and was semi-independent until 1943 and only saw a resistance movement form for around two years. Sweden was declared a neutral but had a strange love hate relationship with both the Allies and Axis.  
This is going to be a site in process, as the saying goes. Our goal is create a better understanding of what occurred in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Finland will be briefly covered because it is considered a part of Scandinavia in more modern times; however since they speak a very different language from the other three, it deserves a more fuller attention elsewhere. Please be sure to check out our links for sites focusing on the nation. 

Many hours of research have gone into making sure the information present and the living history impressions are done to the best of out abilities. It is our goal to present readers of English a short account of the events that happened in Northern Europe during the War.
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