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Note: The below information is provided for your convenience. Refer to the current edition of the West Virginia University Undergraduate Catalog for authoritative information regarding your degree.
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Academic Minors http://provost.wvu.edu/r/download/103214 The list of academic minors available to undergraduate students and the requirements for each 
Course Overload form http://eberly.wvu.edu/r/download/109460 Use this form to petition to take more than 19 credit hours during the fall/spring semester, or more than 19 during the summer 
Course Substitution and Open Credit Petition form http://eberly.wvu.edu/r/download/17432 Use this form to petition for a course to fulfill another requirement or to petition for an open credit course to count towards a GEC requirement 
D/F Repeat Form http://registrar.wvu.edu/r/download/75019 D/F Repeat Petition (use this form ONLY if you repeated a class prior to Fall 2011 and didn't complete this form then) 
D/F Repeat Policy http://registrar.wvu.edu/academic_information/academic_progress WVU's policy on D/F repeating courses 
Eberly College Advising Resources http://eberly.wvu.edu/current_students/advising_resources Advising Resources for the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences 
Foreign Language Placement Exam http://worldlang.wvu.edu/pExams Use this to test into a higher foreign language and obtain back credit for earlier classes 
GEC courses http://registrar.wvu.edu/current_students/general_education_curriculum List of courses that fulfill each GEC requirement 
Math Placement Exam http://www.math.wvu.edu/qra Information regarding the math placement exam, required before enrolling in Math courses at WVU 
Psychology Homepage http://psychology.wvu.edu/  Among other uses, this is where you will look up the research interests of faculty members, so that you can approach them about being their research or teaching assistant. 
Registration information http://registrar.wvu.edu/web_registration  Directions on how to register for classes 
Schedule of Courses http://courses.wvu.edu/  Schedule of courses (be sure to select "WVU Main Campus") 
Sona http://wvu.sona-systems.com  Used to schedule advising appointments, to sign up for research studies within the department, and to complete homework for classes such as Psyc 101, 241, and 251 
Transfer Equivalency System http://tes.sa.wvu.edu/select_college.php?PHPSESSID=1hqdhv15tals5b9bh1vukn1pg6  Used to look up which courses from neighboring institutions will transfer into WVU 
Transient Application Form http://adm.wvu.edu/r/download/42217 Use this form in conjunction with the Transfer Equivalency System (above) to petition for credits from another institution to count towards your degree 
Writing Courses http://registrar.wvu.edu/current_students/writing  A listing of courses that offer writing sections 
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