Photo Highlights

Pictures from 2009-2010

Bounce House Fun during Welcome Event  

Greetings at the Cotton Candy Station

Matt's Winning Pizza at our Annual Throwdown

Chicken in the Henhouse

Tubing during Winter Retreat at Harmon Cabin
Fun Times at the Rec Center                                                                    
Year end Picnic at Cooper's Rock

Pictures from 2008-2009


Mary, Lauren, and Matt on break from "Commission Possible"

Several members of the gang posing at Cooper's Rock Overlook

  Seth making sure figuring out how far to make that 10 bucks go on "the Big Give" challenge

Lauren and Matt cleaning windows at the CMC for "the Big Give"

 Cheering on the home team! Too bad you can't read the sign "I don't understand LAX"


Mission Team 2008

                                                                                                                                                                        The Children's Message at Wesley UMC

Ice Cream Throwdown with Seth and Mary

Mary and Lauren Ice Cream Throwdown Revisited

Joey and Becky showing off their Guitar Hero expertise

Matt, Mary, and Seth-Random Act of Kindness Kids or is that Acts of Random Kindness Kids?

Watching a WVU away game

Mission Team 2007 where we H.I.T. the Road to Chicago