The WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities in Morgantown is conducting a support group for teenagers with autism spectrum disorders such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and PDD-NOS, aimed at assisting with the development of social skills, and providing psychological support for dealing with the demands of everyday life for people on the spectrum. The group is designed to support people who can communicate verbally, and have normal intellectual function. The group will deal with topics such as meeting and getting to know people, dealing with bullies and other uncomfortable social situations, and functioning within school environments. The group will address other life skills as necessary, based on the needs of the people attending.
The group started in January, and is free to attendees. We will be continuing to accept new participants. Interested parties should contact us directly at (304) 293-4692, and ask to speak to Diane Williams, or contact her via email at

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Do you have a child with autism? Do you want to learn how to teach 

your child new skills? 

   Researchers from West Virginia University are looking for parents that 

want to learn how to teach new skills to their children with autism. The 

study will teach parents how to implement Discrete Trial/ABA training 

through written instructions or video. There is no cost to participate in this 

study. This study has been approved by the WVU Institutional Review Board 

(IRB), which ensures that research studies are done in an ethical manner.

For more information, see attachment below (PITA-T Blue & Gold Flyer v2.pdf )

The WV Developmental Disabilities Council

is pleased to offer a new workshop to WV!


presented by Dohn Hoyle from the Arc of Michigan

April 2nd, 3rd, 4th

 (See announcement attached below)

Event planned for April.....Autism Awareness Month. The event webpage is 

Starting March 6, 2012, Dr. Rydell will begin a weekly national -
international radio show, Autism Today with Dr. Pat. Its primary
focus is to offer practical intervention strategies, methods and
information to professionals and family members regarding their
day-to-day interactions with children and adults with ASD.  

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