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Live recordings from two improvisation sessions online.

Noise / Ambient / Improvisation duo, for the stateless...
ruò tán - Drones/Percussions/Radio/Theremin
aLMa - Drones/FX/Vocals
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Concrete Flesh 具象肉體's first release "(NON) VÉRITÉ" out now.

Will be available at "LE.FLEUVE.MECANIQUE", 27 March in Paris.

Founded in 2014 by Void, poisoned by this age of decadence and mutation, Concrete Flesh collects the fragments of mutated touch between human and machine, the crispations from absurd urban space and the weird waves in the air, reimplant into a soundscape of abysm. 

The new flesh begins, listen and swallow. 

Two versions: 
white cover with transparent cassette, 
black cover with dark green cassette, 
Limited to 50 copies. 
5€ without shipping. 40 minutes of drone/noise/ambient. 

Side A: 
(Non) Vérité 12:19 
Merging Party Hunger 9:32 

Side B: 
Thousands Floating Machines 10:05 
Untitled 7:23 

all tracks are improvised 
in a nameless building in Paris 
winter 2014-2015 
recorded & mastered 
photo & artwork by Void
released 20 March 2015

Black & white printings, 15€ without shipping, sizes from M to XL.

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Scattered Purgatory|破地獄
Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean|稗海遺考

破地獄 (Scattered Purgatory), an instrumental drone/ambient trio based in Taiwan, Taipei, with a black metal-like name derived from a Taoist ritual. 

“Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean” contains six of their earlier works from 2013 to early 2014. “雲生/Cloudborn” is a re-recorded version. This album is dedicated to Grass Mountain and the incredibly hot, humid summertime in Taipei. 

破地獄 (Scattered Purgatory)'s music is the sound of meditation, their band name taken from a Taoist ritual. The band possesses one of the most outstanding improvisational skills in Taiwan's current music scene. The sounds they create produce landscapes in the listener's mind - like walking on a rainy mountainside, gazing at a faraway peak. With a unique "Eastern" flavor in their music, this band is certain to be noticed in the future.

Pro tapes wrapped in xuan paper with hand made stamp letters, officially sold out, only a few copies in stock.  8.5eur + shipping.

The cassette comes with a lossless audio file download code.

After several years of silence, WV Sorcerer Productions comes back to life, some new releases are planned for 2015.