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Referees seeking to upgrade must first review: How to Upgrade [PDF] (revised 8/4/2017).  

Online Upgrades Available for Grade 9 to 8 and Grade 8 to 7:

WV referees may upgrade online from Grade 9 to Grade 8 and from Grade 8 to Grade 7 by following these steps:
  1. You will need to have a Google Account to complete the online upgrade.  If you do not already have a Google Account, Create One >> 
  2. Visit Google Classroom (, sign in using your Google Account, and "Join" the class appropriate to your referee upgrade using one of the class codes, below.  To "Join" a class, click on the + sign near the upper right of the browser window and then click on "Join class" in the drop-down menu that appears.
    • Grade 9 to Grade 8 Referee:  use class code: vg4i5f
    • Grade 8 to Grade 7 Referee:  use class code: 1y3cxdh
  3. Complete all of the tasks listed in the class "Stream."  
  4. If you are upgrading as part of your recertification, the last step of your upgrade will be to complete the online recertification for the referee grade you will be after the upgrade.
  5. If you are upgrading mid-year, you will be sent an online invoice after you have completed the final step of the online upgrade (see How to Upgrade [PDF] for information on mid-year upgrade fees).  Your upgrade will be processed after that invoice is paid. 
Questions?  Contact Mike McCarthy, State Referee Administrator, at