For Referees

  1. Information for New Referees
  2. Certification and Recertification Requirements, including How to Upgrade
  3. Recertification: Your registration expires on December 31st of the year on your badge.  Before that date -- or before you referee any matches after that date -- you MUST recertify by:
    • Registering and paying your USSF fees online. See the "Step by Step explanation of registering directly on US Soccer System," below, in PDF format. AND
    • Attending a Recertification Clinic; see the WVSA Referee Program Calendar for clinic dates near you. OR
    • Completing the Online Recertification >> (closed for 2016.  Recertification for 2017 will become available in August 2016)
  4. WVSA Risk Management Application >> (required of all new WVSA referees and once every 2 years thereafter)
  5. Recognize to Recover: US Soccer Player Safety Campaign >> (Heat Illness, Concussions, etc.)
  6. US Soccer Referee Program Standards of Dress and Appearance [PDF]
  7. US Soccer Referee Materials >> -- LOTG and Amendments, Advice to Referees, Directives, Position Papers, etc.
  8. US Youth Soccer Health & Safety Resources >> (goal post safety, lightning safety, head injuries, heat & hydration, etc.)
  9. Calls for Referees -- Learn about referee opportunities at WVSA-sanctioned events (Kohl's Cup, State Cup, Open Cup, other tournaments, etc.)
  10. WVSA Rules of Competition for Sponsored Events (Cups, Country Roads League, etc.)
  11. Referee Game Reports (including a supplemental report) are required to be submitted to the State Association in certain circumstances. Learn more >>
  12. "Behind the Whistle" NBC Sports Documentary on training and development of EPL referees