U.S. Soccer Launches Learning Center and Referee Pathway

July 1, 2019

Based on the infrastructure that has been used successfully for the Digital Coaching Center since 2017, U.S. Soccer launched the Learning Center at https://learning.ussoccer.com to serve as the central hub for both coach and referee training and licensing.

Existing West Virginia Referees should access the Learning Center and select "Sign Up" to create their Referee profile. Your current and historic Referee licenses will transfer to your profile. Users with previously existing accounts in the Digital Coaching Center may need to request to referee@ussoccer.org that their licenses be transferred manually.

Note that each profile will require a UNIQUE email address, but that a parent's email may be included as a secondary address to be copied on all communication.

If you encounter any problems creating your profile, contact referee@ussoccer.org.

Going forward, the Learning Center will be the source for online training for both new and re-certifying Referees.

Along with the release of the Learning Center, U.S. Soccer has implemented the new Referee Pathway, which will supplant the historic referee "grades." More information can be found at Certification Requirements.