Confederate-General, Field & Staff Officers

Allardice, Bruce S., "More Generals in Gray", Louisiana State Univ. Press, 2006
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 Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall" Lt. General 
Brig. General Colston, Raleigh E.  
Brig. General Dickison, John Jackson Born in Monroe County in 1816 
Brig. General Echols, John  
Brig. General Fry, Birkett D.  
Brig. General Gwynn, Walter  
Brig. General Jackson, William Lowther  
Brig. General Jenkins, Albert G.  
Brig. General Jones, Alex C. Born 1830 Marshall Co. Col. of 44th VA Inf., commissioned as general at end of the war. (Allardice, More Generals in Gray, pg. 138.) 
Brig. General Lee, Edwin Gray  
Brig. General McCausland, John  
Brig. General Reynolds, Alexander W.  
Brig. General Thompson, M. Jeff  
Brig. General Walker, Reuben Lindsay Born in Logan County in 1827 
Brig. General (Virginia Militia) Beckley, Alfred  
Brig. General (Virginia Militia) Boggs, James  
Brig. General (Virginia Militia) Chapman, Augustus A.  
Colonel Allen, James Wilkinson 2nd Virginia Infantry 
Colonel Arnett, William Wiley Born 1843. 25th Virginia Infantry 
Colonel Bailey, Robert Augustus 14th Virginia Cavalry 
Colonel Barbee, Andrew Russell Born 1827. 22nd Virginia Infantry 
Colonel Boteler, Alexander Robinson Born Shepherdstown, May 16, 1815. Col. VADC to T.J. Jackson and to J. Stuart, died 1892, buried Elmwood, Shepherdstown. 
Colonel Campbell, Alexander, Jr. Louisiana State Militia. See John Stealey's "West Virginia's Civil War-Era Constitution". pgs. 385-386 
Colonel Clarkson, John Nicholas Wise Legion 
Colonel Corns, James M. 8th Virginia Cavalry 
Colonel Davis, J.W. 27th Virginia Infantry 
Colonel Fife, William E. Born 1834. 36th Virginia Infantry 
Colonel Gibson, John Thomas Born 1835. 55th Virginia Infantry 
Colonel Higginbotham, John Carlton 25th Virginia Infantry, Upshur 
Colonel Hoffman, John Stringer 31st Virginia Infantry, Harrison County 
Colonel Jackson, George Born 1833.  
Colonel Jones, Beuhring H. 60th Virginia Infantry, Fayette County 
Colonel Mansfield, Joseph J. 167th Virginia Militia, Wayne County 
Colonel Mason, Claiborne R. Born 1800. Engineer, also 52nd Virginia Infantry 
Colonel McDonald, Edward Hitchcock Born 1832. 11th Virginia Cavalry 
Colonel Morgan, William Augustine 1st Virginia Cavalry, Jefferson County 
Colonel Patton, George Smith 22nd Virginia Infantry, Kanawha County 
Colonel Porterfield, George Alexander 25th Virginia Infantry, Berkeley County 
Colonel Reynolds, Samuel H. Col. 31st VA Inf. 
Colonel Smith, William Proctor Born April 10, 1833 in Greenbrier County, graduated West Point in 1857. Became chief engineering officer under Gen. Lee at Gettysburg, and later under Gen. Early. Died in Alderson, WV, August 27, 1895, buried at Greenbrier Baptist Church. 
Colonel Spengler, Abraham 33rd Virginia Infantry, buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery. 
Colonel Thompson, William P. Born 1837. 19th Virginia Cavalry 
Colonel Tompkins, Christopher Quarles 22nd Virginia Infantry, Kanawha County 
Colonel White, Robert Born 1833. 23rd Virginia Cavalry 
Lt. Colonel Beall, David Edward 18th Virginia Cavalry 
Lt. Colonel Burton, James Henry Born Jefferson County, Aug. 17, 1823, Lt. Col. in Provisional Army of VA, Supt. of Armories in Richmond, 1861 
Lt. Colonel Chew, R. Preston Born 1843. Chew's Battery 
Lt. Colonel Curtis, George Washington 23rd Va. Inf., killed in action at Cedar Mountain, Aug. 9, 1862. From Brooke Co. 
Lt. Colonel Edgar, George Mathews  26th Battalion Virginia Infantry 
Lt. Colonel Evans, Dudley 20th Virginia Cavalry, Monongalia County 
Lt. Colonel Fitzhugh, Henry, Jr. 8th Virginia Cavalry, Jackson County 
Lt. Colonel Hansbrough, George Woodson 25th Virginia Infantry, Taylor County 
Lt. Colonel Heck, Jonathan McGee 25th Virginia Infantry, Monongalia County 
Lt. Colonel Jackson, Alfred H. 31st Virginia Infantry, Lewis County 
Lt. Colonel Jackson, William A. 22nd Virginia Infantry, Kanawha County 
Lt. Colonel Jones, Alexander Caldwell Born 1830 Marshall Co. Lt. Col. 44th Virginia Infantry 
Lt. Colonel Lackland, Francis 2nd Virginia Infantry, Jefferson County 
Lt. Colonel Lang, David Berkeley 62nd Virginia Infantry, Harrison County 
Lt. Colonel O'Ferrall, Charles Triplett Morgan County. Enlisted12th Virginia Cavalry, later 23rd Virginia Cavalry. Gov. of Virginia 1894-1898 
Lt. Colonel Pendleton, Joseph Henry Born 1827. 23rd Virginia Infantry 
Lt. Colonel Peyton, Charles S. Born 1841. 19th Virginia Infantry 
Lt. Colonel Riely, John William Born Jefferson Co. Feb. 26, 1839. 4th Virginia, moved to Adjutant and Att. Gen. office, Richmond, Lt. Col. AAG. 
Lt. Colonel Robinson, John Armstead 25th Virginia Infantry, Taylor County 
Lt. Colonel Shriver, Daniel M. 27th Virginia Infantry, Ohio County 
Lt. Colonel Summers, John C. 60th Virginia Cavalry, Monroe County 
Lt. Colonel Swann, Thomas Belt Swann's Battalion Cavalry, Kanawha County 
Lt. Colonel Witcher, Vincent Addison 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, Wayne County 
Major Adams, Pearson Berbeck born 1826, Harrison Co. Major, 42nd Virginia Infantry 
Major Arbogast, James Crawford 31st Virginia Infantry 
Major Armsey, Thomas D. Captured 1863, exchanged for Maj. Nathan Goff 1864 
Major Barksdale, William Leigh Born 1836. Swann's Cavalry Battalion 
Major Broun, Joseph M. Born 1835. Promoted to Major by J. Davis on final journey. 
Major Broun, Thomas 22nd Virginia Infantry 
Major Camden, Gideon Draper, Jr. son of Judge Gideon D. Camden, Harrison County, enlisted 31st VA Inf. 
Major Carr, James Lawrence  
Major Chenoweth, Joseph H. born 1837, Randolph County. 31st Virginia Infantry, killed at Port Republic. 
Major Chipley, John J. Capt. of Hardy Blues, 25th VA Inf., later major 
Major Cooper, William Pope promoted to major in 1863, 31st Virginia Inf., former editor of Cooper's Clarksburg Register. 
Major Cutshaw, Wilfred Emory Born Harpers Ferry, Jan. 25, 1838. Lost leg at Sailor's Creek, Prof. at VMI, buried Hollywood Cemetery. 
Major Dahmer, Miles 25th Virginia Infantry, Co. E 
Major Dailey, Robert Wood Born 1821.  
Major Davis, A.W.G. Wise Legion 
Major Eakle, Benjamin F. Born 1826. 14th Virginia Cavalry 
Major Fitzhugh, Nicholas 22nd Virginia Infantry 
Major Fontaine, Peter Born 1840. Assistant adjutant-general staff of Maj.-Gen. Thomas L.Rosser 
Major  Frazer, Philip F. 27th Virginia Infantry, Greenbrier County 
Major Gittings, John G. born Clarksburg. Major; 31st Va. Infantry; William L. Jackson's Cavalry Brigade; 26th Va. Bn. Cavalry. 
Major Harness, William Henry 11th Virginia Cavalry, Hardy County 
Major Hawks, Wells Joseph 2nd Virginia Infantry, Jefferson County 
Major Hines, C.R. unknown, Monroe County 
Major Hunter, Robert Waterman Born Martinsburg, July 12, 1837, Maj. AAG to Gen. Ed Johnson in 1863. 
Major Jenkins, Thomas J. 8th Virginia Cavalry, Co. E, Cabell County 
Major Kearsley, George Washington Tate Merchant at Charlestown, Maj. AC to Johnston and Dearing, buried Zion Episc. Church Cem. 
Major Knott, John Locher 12th Virginia Cavalry, Jefferson County 
Major Lee, William Richard Born 1831, Spartanburg, SC. Storekeeper McDowell Co. 1860. Sgt. Co. C, 34th VA Cavalry Battalion, Capt. Co. E, 2nd VA State Line, Major 10th KY Cavalry. Postwar in McDowell & Wyoming Cos., died 1888. 
Major Locke, William M. 2nd Virginia Infantry, Co. G, Jefferson County 
Major Mathews, Henry Mason Born Greenbrier Co. March 29, 1834. Maj. OO to Stevenson. Governor of WV from 1876-80. 
Major McDonald, Marshall Born 1835, Hampshire County, Major of Engineers. 
Major McKendree, George Born Cabell Co. Maj. QM to Brig-Gen. Echols 
Major Miller, Samuel Augustine Born Oct. 16, 1820. Joined Kanawha Riflemen as a private, promoted to Major in 1862, elected to Confederate Congress in 1863. 
Major Mitchell, John White Born 1838. 27th Virginia Infantry 
Major Monroe, Alexander W. 18th Virginia Cavalry, Hampshire County 
Major Moore, Edwin Lyttleton Born Charlestown, Feb. 14, 1831. Maj. 2nd Virginia Infantry. Buried Zion Episc. Church Cem. 
Major Nounnan, James H. 16th Virginia Cavalry, Putnam County 
Major Rand, Noyes 22nd Virginia Infantry, Kanawha County 
Major Ranson, Ambrose Robert Hite Born Jefferson Co. April 12, 1831. Major CS to Pegram. 
Major Reynolds, Frank A. Born 1841, son of Brig. Gen. Alexander W. Reynolds. Major of Cavalry under Floyd in 1861, Major 39th North Carolina. 
Major Rowan, William S. 60th Virginia Infantry, Monroe County 
Major Sherrard, John Broome Major, 13th Virginia Infantry  
Major Smith, Frederick F. 17th Virginia Cavalry, Jackson County 
Major  Smith, Isaac Noyes, Sr. 22nd Virginia Infantry, Kanawha County 
Major Smith, James W. 36th Virginia. Paroled in Charleston, signed as Major, though rank is not of record. 
Major Stewart, Charles H. 2nd Virginia Infantry, Jefferson County 
Major Straton, William 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, Logan County 
Major Sweeney, James W. 60th Virginia Infantry, and 36th Battalion VA Cavalry, Ohio County 
Major Taylor, Jacob N. 60th Virginia Infantry, Greenbrier County 
Major Thompson, Benjamin Stanton Born Kanawha Co. March 26, 1818. Major QM to Steuart, paroled at Charleston, May 12, 1865. 
Major Washington, Thornton Augustine Born Jefferson Co. January 22, 1826. Major AAG to Lee in 1862. 
Major Wolff, Bernard Likens Born Berkeley Co. June 2, 1837. Major CS to Pendleton and later Kemper. Died 1869 of consumption. 
Major Woodram, Richard 26th Battalion Virginia Infantry, Monroe County 
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