Important Information: 

Each school is allowed to submit up to five student maps for the state competition. 
  If there are more than five potential maps from a school, a judging panel at the school should select the top five to submit for the state contest. You are encouraged to invite a GeoMentor to participate in the school judging. See GeoMentor map
  The top five maps West Virginia maps in each division will be submitted to the Esri 2017 Map Competition for U.S Schools.


All qualified entries need to meet the following guidelines for topic and map construction:

Your story map must feature a geographic story about the West Virginia, with at least one original map created using ArcGIS Online.  Here are the contest guidelines:

     Your final project may include images and videos but must be primarily based on the data on your original map.
     Your map must include some analysis based on the information presented. Some examples of analysis are:
     Use the ArcGIS measure feature to determine the size of an area shown on your map.
     Create symbols for your map using Map Notes to show important locations.
     Create a layer using a csv file to show the geographic distribution of some type of feature, and include your explanation of the distribution as a part of the story map.
     Create a layer using a csv file with numerical information that can be displayed using the ArcGIS “Counts and Amounts” feature.
     Compare two or more imported layers and explain the patterns you find.
  Your story must focus on West Virginia but you may use data from outside your watershed to help tell your story.
  All of your research must be documented on the Details page of your ArcGIS story map. All non-original materials need to be properly referenced. Include a description of how your original map was created and how you did your analysis.

Map Construction Guidelines:

  You must use ArcGIS Online to construct your map.
  Your map must be original and not created using only layers of data already available either online or from Esri.  To meet that criteria, you must have created at least one layer of your own data. 
  Your final map for submission must be one of the following:
     ArcGIS Web App "web app"
     ArcGIS Story Map "story map"
  Maps can only be submitted by an individual student or a team of two students.


Your final map must be submitted no later than 3:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time on April 30, 2018.

For more information, email