Teacher Registration

April 20, 2018 Deadline for Competition Registration:

Registration does not obligate your school to participate in the competition, but only those who register will receive the link to submit competition entries.  

Only one teacher per school should register. The teacher who registers will receive the link to the map submission form. This form must be used to submit the school's winning maps. Only one map submission form per school will be accepted for entry to the state competition.

When you register you will be asked for your school's latitude and longitude. The longitude and latitude will be used to add your school to the contest participation map. Please use the degree decimal format for longitude and latitude. Include at least four decimal places.

Example:  Winfield, WV  38.5371  (latitude) -81.8794 (longitude)

If you don't know your latitude and longitude, you can use the GeoMentor Latitude Longitude Finder to determine your latitude and longitude.

Teacher Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/8cYGDD8hPv1E9UcR2 

For more information on setting up your ArcGIS Organizational Account, please read https://esri.app.box.com/v/agoorgsforschools.

For more information, email wvmapcontest2017@gmail.com.