The number of local & global communities developing, implementing, and using 'green' technologies and solutions continues to grow at an ever increasing pace.  There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of web sites containing information about 'green' buildings, 'green' energy, 'green' computing, 'green' transportation, and other related technologies and environmental solutions. As we started spending thousands of hours surfing the web searching and looking at all these sites trying to find the best sites - sites that contain useful information; have been around for a while; are high quality, and are regularly updated - we decided to put all those links on our own web site to save others from having to spend a lot of their time repeating the same process. We hope you find this site useful and our intention is to keep improving it over time.


Peter Groen is a retired government executive, author, speaker, health informatics specialist, and former instructor and researcher at Shepherd University in West Virginia.  He has been a strong advocate for many years of Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) by individuals and organizations in both the public and private sector around the world.

On any given day, 35,000 times the total amount of energy that humans use falls onto the face of the Earth from our Sun. If only we could tap into a fraction of this energy source, think of what that would mean.

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