Studies & Reports

The following are links to selected reports or white papers on collaboration, innovation, and 'green' technologies & business solutions:
    * See other related reports posted on America's Future: 2020-2050 web site.

    Top Toxic 20 States

    A study by the Natural Resources Defense Council determined that coal- and oil-fired power plants produce almost half the toxic air pollution in the United States. The facilities that generate our electricity are also our biggest sources of air pollution, including both smog and acid rain, and also mercury, which rains down and contaminates us through the fish we eat.

    The Christian Post - July 2011  

    TreeHuger 'Green' News

    Many of the technologies needed for the emerging "Green Economy" are already available. What is needed is an acceleration of the diffusion and use of these technologies in both developed and under-developed nations around the world. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to occur if left purely to market forces.   -  U.N. Report on Green Technological Transformation

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