The following are links to selected web sites of Non-Government Organizations (NGO), focused on 'green' technologies and solutions, e.g. Associations, Consortiums, Foundations, Societies:

World Bank Report

Access to environmentally and socially sustainable energy is essential to reduce poverty. Over 1.4 billion people are still without access to electricity worldwide, almost all of whom live in developing countries.  About 2.5 billion use solid fuels—wood, charcoal and dung—for cooking and heating. Every year fumes and smoke from open cooking fires kill approximately 1.6 million people mostly women and children, from emphysema and other respiratory diseases.    World Bank - 2011

YouTube Global Energy Needs & Alternatives

Venture capitalists, who were once enamored with green tech, have learned the hard way how difficult and expensive it is to build new energy companies. But the basic materials science work on better batteries, fuel cells, renewable fuels, and more efficient solar cells will continue because ultimately, natural resources are limited and polluting has a societal cost. In terms of commercializing energy-related research, China, rather than the U.S., has emerged as both the lead producer and user of clean technologies.  See C/Net News -  Five Predictions for 2012

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