Kids Going Green

The following are links to selected 'green' web sites that contain games & fun activities for kids, environmental education materials for students, information & facts about our planet, and much more.
  • EcoKids Home - A Canadian web site providing environmental education,  games, stories, a picture gallery, calendar of events, contests, and facts about Earth's environment.

  • Environmental Educationfor Kids (EEK)  -  An online magazine for students in grades 4-8 packed with short articles and activities about animals, plants and environmental issues.

  • EPA Student Center - This is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) web site for students with an interest in environmental issues.

  • Green Kids Inc - A non-profit, live-theater group, and charity in Canada dedicated solely to environmental education for young people through performance.

  • Kids R Green - Providing a hands on environmental learning experience for kids developed by the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE) in India.

  • NASA Climate Kids -  Covers topics like climate, environment, oceans, technology...
  • Plan It Green -- National Geographic Kids - National Geographics award winning web site with 'Green' information, games, and much more for kids – and others.

  • PlanetPal School Eco Projects -  Eco projects, resources, & ideas for teachers and students.
  • - Free Green Games for Kids - Fun site for teachers, parents, and kids featuring free eco-friendly or 'green' educational games, coloring pages, interactive e-books, and much more.

  • The GREENS: PBS KIDS GO! - A PBS site aimed at kids looking after the planet.

  • The Green Guide for Kids - This blogging website is an online environmental resource for kids to find ideas, information, and inspiration to go green.

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