Green Energy

The following are selected links to alternative energy sources that we need to consider using in West Virginia and across the U.S.  These are alternatives to existing carbon based energy solutions. Europe is already stepping out ahead of the U.S.  Strictly speaking, some of these alternatives may not be considered true clean or 'green' alternatives. 
* Visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Check out the following 'open' green energy resources & organizations:
  • Open4Energy -  An open source provider of knowledge to consumers and small businesses on energy saving and renewable energy generation.
  • Total Grid - an open source community dedicated to modernizing national power systems and microgrids with Smart Grid technology.

In 2013, Germany generated 23% of its electricity by renewable energy sources and is expected to generate 35% of its electricity from renewables by 2020. This has created a problem during certain times of day when the surge of solar and wind power flooding into the grid exceeds the demand for electricity, resulting in negative prices. Similar situations are occurring in Hawaii, Texas, New Mexico, etc.   -  Read "The Zero Marginal Cost Society"

Map of Wind Farms in the U.S.

YouTube European Union & Alternative Energy

  • German and China lead the world in clean-energy exports.
  • China has installed more wind capacity than the U.S., has about half the global market in solar cells, and is racing ahead.
  • European countries lead the world in offshore wind power generation
- Read "Back to Work", by Bill Clinton

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