Green Companies

The following are selected links to 'green' technology and alternative energy companies around the world and in the U.S.
  • BloomEnergy - Produces innovative, cost effective solid oxide fuel cell energy servers for businesses and homes.
  • EcoFirms.Org - Provides a comprehensive database of Eco Friendly companies sorted by various categories, e.g. products, services, etc.
  • First Solar - One of the largest manufacturers of thin film solar modules in the world.
  • General Electric - GE ranks number one in U.S. wind turbine sales and is one of the largest suppliers of wind turbines in the world, boasting more than 11,600 wind turbine installations.
  • GreenFeathers - Provides a comprehensive listing and profiles of 'green' companies around the world sorted by various categories.
  • Nextera Energy - Has installed over 9,000 wind turbines at wind farms in 17 states and in Canada.
  • Solar City - Currently the leading solar energy company for homeowners, businesses and government organizations in the U.S.
  • SunPower - Manufacturing solar power technology solutions for homes, businesses, power companies, and governments.
  • SustainableBusiness - Information on Green Companies and Clean Technology Stocks.
  • Treehugger.Com - A one-stop shop for 'green' news, solutions and product information.

Companies & Green Technology

Increasing numbers of business leaders have gradually come to consider action on global warming as imperative for the sake of energy security, economic growth, trade, and U.S. global leadership. Industry has also discovered that “going green”—however vaguely defined—has considerable appeal among the public. Furthermore, businesses now see economic opportunities in new “green” technologies.

Foreign Policy & National Security Implications of Global Climate Change

YouTube Bloom Energy's Fuel Cell Technology

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