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A web site dedicated to Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) in 'Green' Technology & Environmental Solutions. It is aimed at people focused on improving local & global environmental conditions by collaborating on innovative 'green' technologies and solutions. This site aims to share carefully selected information on 'green' solutions in such areas as: Green Buildings, Green Computing, Green Energy Alternatives, Green Transportation, and more.  The site also provides many links to free and 'open source' software tools, 'open access' publications, and 'open data' sources.

The goal of this web site is to help provide information to citizens and the business community in South Carolina and across the country on 'green' technologies & environmental solutions that can  improve our quality of life, reduce energy costs, protect our environment, and help our country become less dependent on costly foreign energy suppliers.  By collaborating on the identification, acquisition, development and deployment of innovative ‘green’ solutions and sharing resulting knowledge, software, and technologies with the larger communitywe will all reap the benefits.

In the last thirty-five years the message has been clear, but ignored. The world is being held over a barrel - an oil barrel - when it comes to energy. We all know it's past time to diversify our sources of energy. The public and private sectors need to take the initiative to lead the way into our diversified energy future where the centerpiece of our world's long-range strategy ought to be focused on conservation, use of 'green' technologies, and usage of alternative energy sources by all sectors of the economy, e.g. wind, solar, water, nuclear, natural gas, 'clean' coal, oil, etc.

Imagine a future where millions of businesses and homes are constructed with green building materials, use more energy efficient green technologies, and are powered by 'hybrid' energy solutions - solar, wind, water, nuclear, natural gas, and traditional energy systems. One where people are actually able to sell excess energy they generate back to the national power grid. The role of energy utility companies in the 21st century ought to shift over time from a centralized approach toward energy production to a more decentralized approach where citizens begin to 'partner' with their utility companies.

Many of today’s business and government leaders now recognize that a corporate program embracing sustainability and 'green' technology often yields tangible profits, and managers of public and private sector organizations around the world are beginning to capitalize on this. Some more 'far seeing' companies are proactively adopting and promoting practices that will benefit our environment in every aspect of their business. 


Environmental technology, also known as 'green' technology or 'clean' technology, is the application of the environmental sciences to conserve the natural environment and resources. Examples of environmental technologies include water purification, sewage treatment, recycling, alternative energy, solar lighting, etc.

YouTube U.S. Secretary of Energy

A growing number of entrepreneurs, innovators, manufacturers, and financiers are committed to a 'clean energy' future.

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