Scenario Performance

Embrace West Virginia's tradition of storytelling.

Scenario Performance is a new and exciting element recently added to the Future Problem Solving Program. Scenario Performance (ScP) was designed by FPSP Australia to develop and sustain the oral tradition of storytelling.  Essentially, ScP is for students who enjoy storytelling.  This option is ideally suited to students who show thinking abilities in different ways - particularly for those whose cultural heritage and/or learning styles prefer oral communication. It is also ideal for developing the thinking skills of students.  The stories do not have to be written; rather they are “told” or “performed.”  ScP is about storytelling, as opposed to story writing, using a story outline that has been developed in a creative and entertaining manner by the student prior to the performance.

What is Scenario Performance?

This is NOT Scenario Writing –it is the newest component in West Virginia FPS. Students choose the FPS topic that interests them as they project 20 years into the future and create a futuristic story. This story is not written out in full as it is going to be “told” and should be more natural and spontaneous in nature.  Performances should be creative and entertaining to an audience. Submission will take the form of a 4-5 minute presentation of the student delivering an oral performance of the story, undertaken at one time without any breaks. Coaches will make the determination if the storyteller should advance to the State Bowl. The use of any props or aids beyond the use of their voice and ten cue cards is not permitted.

Information to guide your storyteller from conception to competition can be found below.